The 2018 Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Welcome Party and the inaugural Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Ceremony

The afternoon of October 26 saw the 2018 Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Welcome Party attended by over 770 scholarship-winning students from 72 countries.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen gave the opening address. He warmly welcomed the students and pointed out that Taiwan is a friendly nation that advocates the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Exclusive Interviews with the DTAA Recipients:

The Hon. Arnaldo Castillo Figueroa

Friendships generate deep feelings for Taiwan

The Honourable Arnaldo Castillo Figueroa, Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Honduras, and staunch supporter of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations with his country, graduated from the Republic of China Military Academy (ROCMA). He says that before he arrived on the island to study, he didn’t know anything about Taiwan and could not speak more than a few words of Chinese. Unexpectedly, he stayed for five years, developing fluent spoken Chinese and close feelings toward Taiwan.

Exclusive Interviews with the DTAA Recipients: The Hon. Asterio Appi

From ‘bopomofo’ to a career
in environmental protection and politics

Instead of using the Pinyin romanization system like most Chinese learners, he tried to learn Bopomofo (the major Chinese transliteration system for Taiwanese Mandarin). On the other hand, writing Chinese characters was a real bugbear to him. He explained, “You need only 26 letters to complete every word in English writing, but in Chinese you have to remember every single character individually, and they are just like paintings,” laughing as he added, “I am a terrible painter!”

Exclusive Interviews with the DTAA Recipients:
Dr. Choong Kam Kow

Diversity, pluralism and change drive this artist and educator

Taiwan’s art scene in the 1960s was a creative crucible. Art educators had brought back ideas from their own studies all over the world, and Dr. Choong thus absorbed international as well as local knowledge and skills. As a student, the teacher line-up was not the only thing that surprised him, for he recalls that “Taiwan was a place chock-full of human feeling.” When a faculty teacher invited them to celebrate the festival in Hsinchu, Dr. Choong was stunned, and deeply appreciated the teacher’s concern, saying that it would never have happened in Malaysia and that it made him glad that he had chosen Taiwan for his studies.

Exclusive Interviews with the DTAA Recipients:
Mr. Lee Ser Chong

Study, work, and a tree with deep roots

Mr. Lee Ser Chong, president of the World Federation of Taiwan Alumni Associations (WFTAA), traces his first memory of studying in Taiwan back to the 1970s, and seeing groups of people waiting to pick him up in the airport. “To whom much is given, much should be given back,” he says. “They booked a charter flight, and made almost everything ready before we arrived.” He says he was impressed and touched by the pure kindness of the WFTAA, and this is why he has devoted himself to the federation for many years.

Exclusive Interviews with the DTAA Recipients:
Professor Tan Chee Lay

Diverse, energetic and liberal

It was a Chinese teacher he met in high school who prompted him to study in Taiwan. “The way she taught was so different from other teachers. Her class was spectacular. She could vividly deliver a poem off the cuff, bringing out the living poetry right in front of our eyes,” he explained. And it was another one of his school teachers, Mr. Li Bai Yang, a Singaporean who graduated from National Taiwan University, who first opened the door to Taiwan for him.

Taiwan Tech Arena to Strengthen
Startup Ecosystem

Minister of Education Dr. Jiunn-rong Yeh was the moderator for the opening session of the Yushan Forum, on October 11. The session was on “Nourishing the Future – Empowering the Talents for Regional Development” and six distinguished guests from the parliamentary, public administration, and academic sectors of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam took part as panelists. Hundreds of local university presidents and international affairs directors also attended.

2018 Career Lecture
for International Students

Do you love Taiwan, and want to stay to work? Are you unsure what kind of job you could look for, or how to find one? No problem! The Career Lecture for International Students is here to help you fulfil your dream!

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