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Anti-Osteoporosis Effects of the Herbal Drug-Gui Lu Er Xian Jiao

The herbal drug “Gui Lu Er Xian Jiao” (GLEXJ) composed of turtle shell, antler, Ginseng Radix and Lycium Fruit, called “Si Jen Jiao”, is famous for its tonifying Qi, strengthening the muscle and bone and supplying vital essence and marrow functions. In the traditional Chinese ancient books, GLEXJ was already recorded for the significant improvements of bone structures. T-score is the most common user for clinical assessment of bone density, while T-score>-1 for normal bone density, -1>T-score>-2.5 for low bone mass and -2.5>T-score for osteoporosis. Purpose of this study is to explore the clinical anti-osteoporosis effects of GLEXJ in female subjects. A total of ten female subjects were enrolled. Subjects who had a history of previous knee surgery and hip fracture or lower extremity joint replacement in the past 6 months were excluded. Average age and T-score of all subject is 46.2 years-old and -2.19. All subjects regularly received GLEXJ treatment (4 g/day) for 5 months simultaneously and were followed up for the bone density measurements. Results showed that average bone density recovery (%) of all subject was 31.7% (p<0.05, compared with the T-score before administration), for example, 26% recovery of subject No.4 (T-score from -2.7 to -2.0), 60% recovery of subject No.6 (T-score from -1.5 to -0.6) and 23% recovery of subject No.10 (T-score from -3.5 to -2.7). T-score of all subjects significantly improved after administration of GLEXJ for 5 months. However, bone density recovery was remaining 25% after the end of trial for 3 months, indicating the long-lasting anti-osteoporosis effects of this famous herbal drug. Recovery profile was summarized in the following figure.
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