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Cratejoy Integration for Benchmark Email

Add Cratejoy customers to your Benchmark Email list(s)

With our Cratejoy integration, you can automatically add your customers via Cratejoy to a Benchmark Email list. Keep top-of-mind with your customers using automation. Available free with every Benchmark account.



  • Benchmark Email Account (works with Free Trial)
  • Cratejoy Account

Integration Is Fast & Easy:

  • No download necessary
  • Automatically add customers to your Benchmark Email list(s)
  • Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing

How to Integrate:

  1. Log in to your Benchmark account.
  2. Click on your Username and select Integrations.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Get Started
  4. Select the Cratejoy integration option.
    1. Benchmark will now ask for the following information:
    2. 1. User ID
    3. 2. Secret Key
    4. Note: To access your Client ID and Secret Key, you will need to create a Merchant Test Account. When done, contact CrateJoy’s support team by email (support@cratejoy.com) and provide them your Store Name and ask for access to your Client ID and Secret Key.
  5. Now, back in Benchmark enter your Client ID and Secret Key where prompted and click Save & Next.
  6. Select the list (or create a new one) to which you would like to add contacts to
  7. Click Save & Next.
  8. Map Cratejoy fields according to the data fields in your Benchmark list.
  9. Click Save & Next.