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Real-Time Tracking and Reports

Analyze your email campaign metrics

Take a look at the big picture and adjust your email marketing campaigns for the better. Often, making heads or tales of confusing reports can siphon valuable time from measuring ROI. That's why at Benchmark our reports adjust in real time and are easy to understand and analyze.

Detailed Metrics and Real-Time Campaign Tracking

Email Campaign Report
  • View who opened your email after every campaign
  • Record bounced emails, both hard and soft
  • Compare campaigns side-by-side to track trends over time
  • See which links generated the most click-throughs
  • See which links were hardly opened at all and adjust accordingly for future marketing
  • Track forwards, unsubscribes and abuse complaints to protect your reputation
  • Export your reports and print them out for presentations or records
  • Find and view reports by campaign name, date and more

Opens by Location

Benchmark's unique geographic mapping feature allows you to zoom in to see exactly where in the world your messages are being opened. Ideal for email campaigns with a strong regional focus, Opens by Locations gives users the ability to track opens by country and state. Want to know where the bulk of your customers are located? Improve your marketing efforts across state borders or target specific countries for localized email promotions.

Social Stats

Social media is thriving. Take full advantage of this free, continuous marketing channel with social sharing buttons and then track tweets and likes amongst your various campaigns. Benchmark's Email Marketing Metrics allow subscribers to share your content from the inbox and utilize Facebook Markup Language applications on your fan page.