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Kickbox Integration for Benchmark Email

Improve the quality of your Benchmark list(s)

With the Kickbox integration, you can seamlessly access, import, and verify lists in your Benchmark account. Customize your export to easily manage and maintain healthy lists. Benchmark customers receive 100 free verification credits when signing up, and a 10% discount on all Kickbox verification services.



  • Benchmark Email Account (works with Free Starter Plan)
  • Kickbox Account

Integration Is Fast & Easy:

  • No download necessary
  • Maintain the integrity of your email list
  • Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing

How to Integrate:

Please note: As this is an integration built by Kickbox, the process to integrate will begin within their tool.

  1. When logged into your Kickbox account, click Verify Lists in the left-hand menu of the dashboard
  2. Click + Add List near the top-right of your screen.
  3. Hit Connect to ESP and select Benchmark.
  4. Enter your API key (login to your Benchmark Email account, go to Account Settings in the user menu and either generate or copy and paste your API key at the bottom of the page) and click Add Integration.
  5. Select the list you wish to verify by clicking Import List.
  6. Click Start List to begin verifying your email list.
  7. You’ll receive an email notifying you once your list has been verified.
  8. Clicking on the list you verified will open the List Details on the right-hand side of your dashboard. From there, you can either Export your list back to your Benchmark account or Download it.
  9. Clicking Export will give you three options. Select Export Deliverable, to send the deliverable email addresses back to your Benchmark account. Hit Export. It may take a moment for the list to be sent to your account, but you’ll receive an email upon completion.
  10. For more information on the additional Export options, view this helpful video.

If you have any questions on integrating with Kickbox, please consult their support.