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YesInsights Integration for Benchmark Email

Add YesInsights surveys to your Benchmark Email campaigns(s)

With our YesInsights integration, you can automatically add your YesInsights one-click surveys to a Benchmark Email campaign. Gain valuable feedback from your subscribers with ease. Available free with every Benchmark account.



  • Benchmark Email Account (works with Free Starter Plan)
  • YesInsights Account

Integration Is Fast & Easy:

  • No download necessary
  • Embed one-click surveys in your Benchmark Email campaigns(s)
  • Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing

How to Integrate:

Please note: As this is an integration built by YesInsights, the process to integrate will begin within their tool.

  1. Sign into your YesInsights account and click "Create Survey."
  2. Click on which type of survey you would like to create. Regular or NPS.
  3. You will be prompted to select your distribution method after selecting your type of survey. Select Email since we will be integrating YesInsights with Benchmark.
  4. In this step, you’ll give your survey a name, ask your question, and enter in the responses. You can add more responses by clicking the “Add additional responses” button (in the red box above). And you can add as many responses as you’d like! You can delete responses by floating your mouse over the Response box you wish to delete. This will make an “x” button appear to the right of the Response box (red arrow and circle above). Simply click that “x” and that response will be deleted.
  5. After filling in all the survey criteria, you will scroll down and select the green “Create Survey!” button.
  6. You will see this page after clicking “Create Survey.” To select Benchmark, click on the drop down arrow. It will load up a drop down menu of all the email platforms we integrate with in alphabetical order. Scroll down until you see Benchmark and select it.
  7. After selecting Benchmark, you will see the screen pictured above. You just need to click on the green “Get Survey Snippet” button. That will load up the page pictured above. All you need to do is click anywhere inside the survey snippet box. I added the blue and green mouse capture so you could see that a simple mouse click will save it to your clipboard! You will see the green “Survey snippet copied!” pop-up right after you click on the survey snippet.
  8. Paste survey snippet into your Benchmark Email campaign.

If you have any questions on integrating with YesInsights, please consult their knowledge base..