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Email Pricing Plans

and personal contact follow-up tools (CRM).

Benchmark Email Free Trial

Enjoy access to our full features: autoresponders, signup forms, email client testing and more. Free for 30 days or up to 250 emails sent.


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Sends per month

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Sends per month

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What's Included



Email marketing

A/B Testing

Test Subject Lines, From Names, Send Times or even Campaign vs. Campaign to see how your subscribers are likely to react to your emails based on opens and/or clicks.


Targeted Emailing

Discover your most loyal and engaged subscribers. Easily see who is opening all or some of your email campaigns or the ones clicking on specific links. Also re-engage inactive subscribers.


Data Security Pin

Protect your lists by enabling a password required before exporting any contacts. An excellent solution for businesses with multiple individuals accessing an account.


Master & Sub-Accounts *

Control a Master Account and create individual accounts for separate teams, departments, clients or anyone else. Enables the Master Account to manage payments, as well as share lists and templates to Sub Accounts. *Sub-accounts are available for List Plans of 1K Subscribers or above.


Insanely Simple Drag & Drop Editor

Quickly and easily design an email campaign that matches your brand and style. Every feature at your fingertips without any design or coding experience necessary.

Responsive Templates

Create beautiful emails ready to engage on any device. Look great on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, on any browser and any inbox client.

Signup Forms

Grow your email lists by creating easily embeddable signup forms, or pop-up forms, to be placed anywhere potentials subscribers may frequent such as your website or Facebook page. Limited with Free Starter Plan to only 75 signups per day. Unlimited for all paid plans.

Basic Drip Campaigns

Send automated campaigns based on triggers from your contact list data. This could be when a contact is added to your list or by data collected in the subscription process.

RSS Email Campaigns

Populate email campaigns directly from your blog, keeping subscribers up-to-date and entice them back to your site.

Email Delivery Management

The Benchmark Email deliverability team works hard with partners like Return Path and the Email Sender & Provider Coalition to help your emails hit the inbox.

Google Analytics Tracking

See the success of your email campaigns by tracking your campaigns through to your site and ultimately conversions. Discover what’s working along each step of your funnel while testing and improving to deliver greater ROI.

List Management & Segments

Keep your contacts organized in order to deliver the most relevant content to each subscriber. Easy list management allows you to segment based on interests, purchase history, location and more.

List Hygiene

Only send to the engaged subscribers who want to hear from you. Clean lists of inactive subscribers or segment them for re-engagement campaigns. Validate your contacts to ensure the highest quality lists.

Live Engagement Reports

Track the success of your email campaigns with real-time reports that show opens, clicks and more.

Opens by Hour Reports

Discover the best time to send your email campaigns by viewing opens by the hour.

Click Heatmap Reports

See what of your design and layout is most successful with click heat maps.

Opens by Device Reports

Gain a better understanding of your subscribers and design for them thanks to Opens by Device Reports.

Surveys & Polls

Receive valuable feedback from your subscribers and get the answers you need to help your business thrive.

Unlimited Video Storage

Save videos in your Video Library from services like YouTube, Vimeo and more for easy access.

10 MB of Free Image Gallery Storage

Store images directly in your Benchmark account to easily create engaging content. Receive unlimited storage with add-on.

Social Media Integrations

Enjoy the combined power of social media and email marketing with integrations that help you boost the effectiveness of both.

eCommerce Integrations

Keep customers in the purchase cycle with integrations that automatically add new customers to lists, which can also trigger specific customer journeys.

Email Template Integrations

Automatically pull data into your email campaigns for events, surveys and more.

Contact List Integrations

Turn followers, fans, customers and more into subscribers with integrations built to import contacts directly into your Benchmark account.

See All 24 Features

Landing Pages New

Boost conversions from your marketing campaigns with landing pages. Create beautiful landing pages tailored to your goals with our simple drag and drop builder.


Automation Pro

Behavior-based Email Follow-up Automation New

Actions, such as opens and clicks, can trigger emails to send, creating more targeted campaigns for your subscribers.


Email Engagement-Triggered Automations New


Behavior-based List Management Automation New

Move subscribers from one list to another automatically based on email engagement to ensure contacts are always receiving the best, most relevant content.


Website Engagement Automation New

Track subscribers from your email campaigns to your website and automate follow-ups based on the pages they visit.


Automated List Management for Better Targeting


Automated Customer Journey Templates New

Strategy templates from onboarding to conversion and beyond. Simply fill out the details to match your goals.


Cart Abandonment Automation New

Never miss out on potential sales by converting the leads who have left items in the shopping cart.


Automated Follow-ups Based on Website Page Visits


Strategy Templates to Automate Digital Funnel


Capture Lost Sales with Automated Cart Abandonment Emails


Create Up-To-Date Custom Facebook Audiences


Facebook Audiences


Automate Customer Onboarding


Automate Your Welcome Email Campaign


Automate Your Pre-Event Promotion and Post-Event Follow-ups


Increase Webinar Attendance with an Automated Email Sequence


Automate Your Process for Requesting Customer Feedback


See All 17 Features

Benchmark CRM for Gmail New

See your CRM contact data right from gmail on incoming or outgoing emails. Add notes and even create new contacts or leads, all without leaving the CRM.

Integration with Benchmark Email

See email marketing opens and clicks on your CRM contacts. Create email marketing lists from CRM segments. Sync email marketing list signups into the CRM as leads or contacts.

Contact, Lead, Support Ticket capture forms

Create and Track: Contacts, Leads, Organizations, Opportunities, Support Tickets, Activities, Projects

Dedicated record types keep your database clean, organized and quickly searchable. Pull up a contact and all their related sales opportunities, follow up tasks, calls, notes and emails.

Easily Create Views of Contacts, Leads, etc. to Speed up Workflows

Default & Custom Reports

Keep all your emails and replies inside the CRM

Your customer conversations belong to your business. Instead of valuable past communication existing in your sales team's personal inboxes, keep them all in a searchable CRM database, availabe to you and your team wherever you can log in from.

Create notes on your contacts, leads and other records

Type notes or even use your voice to dicate notes while using the chrome browser.


Establish and activate robust automated CRM workflows

Create and assign rules based on triggers and custom criteria automatically

Plan and send email notifications to users, contacts and leads based on email templates, triggers and custom criteria automatically

Update record data with new data based on triggers and custom criteria automatically

Initiate automated tasks immediately

Schedule automated tasks


Send email campaigns in Benchmark Email. As subscribers open and click your campaigns, they become contacts in the CRM where robust follow up tools help you personally close more deals, solve customer issues and win repeat business.

Integration with Benchmark Email

Push CRM views to create new lists in Benchmark Email

View opens and clicks from Benchmark Email campaigns directly on CRM contacts or leads with matching email addresses


unsubscribes automatically update from BenchmarkEmail to BenchmarkCrm

Multiple currencies


Layout for fields on record pages

Multiple sections on record pages

Create custom fields




Account-wide sharing settings

Field-level security

Sharing rules


Lead capture form

Contact capture form

Support ticket capture form

Notify owner of record capture


1 GB Account included base storage

Account included free storage per user 512 MB

Optional additional account storage, $4/month for 5 GB





Activities (tasks, events, calls)

Support Tickets


Attach documents directly to records

Merge duplicate records


Data storage (all modules)

25,000 records


Data Migration Tool


Dedicated Dashboard for each record type

Create and share custom views for record lists based on your specified criteria for default fields

Create and share custom views for record lists based on your specified criteria for custom fields

Views are dynamic based on record ownership and account privacy settings


Standard reports

Custom reports

Tabular reports

Summary reports with data grouping

Graphs for Summary Reports


Create emails, view replies and collaborate with your team all in one place with Benchmark CRM Cloud Email

Keep CRM in sync with private emails to update existing contacts and leads or create new ones with MyBCC

Add Internal Private Messages to records or public email threads visible only to your CRM users

Relate emails to contacts, leads, opportunities, organizations, support tickets, projects or activities

Create multiple email conversations for a single support ticket

Exclude contacts and leads from email contact with email opt-out

Create email templates with merge fields that customize the template for your contact or lead

Add up to 25 CC contacts, leads and users


Attach files up to 25 MB to emails

Attach files from CRM Content Library

Send share links for CRM Content Library files


Public user folders

Private user folders

Folder sharing




See All 87 Features

*All plans with 2,500 Subscribers and above include all 133 features.

No design experience required

Use our professionally designed templates or easily drop your images into our email designer.

Easily import data from your apps

Started a list already in another app? Port it over to get started quickly.

Gmail, Zendesk, and Shopify

Build your list with signup forms

Start keeping in contact with your customers by using our Facebook or Wordpress signup forms to build your email lists.

Free 24/7 Service & Support

Get support with your free trial. You can call, chat or submit a ticket with any questions

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List Verification

Ensure the highest quality subscribers and deliverability by having your list(s) verified. Learn More

INR 200 For every 1000 addresses

Image Hosting

Upgrade your basic storage so that all of your most engaging images, logos and graphics are at the ready thanks to unlimited image hosting. Learn More

INR 150 Monthly unlimited storage

Dedicated IP

Remove yourself from the crowd, taking control of your sending reputation and delivery into the inbox.

Learn More

INR 1,800 Monthly

Inbox Checkers

View how your email campaigns will appear on any device, in every inbox client and on every browser.

Learn More


Automate your marketing based on behavior

Create automated customer journeys based on subscriber engagement that enable more powerful connections, deliver on value and make your subscribers feel as if you’re catering to their individual needs.

We integrate with your favorite apps

With our integrations you can port over your existing data easily or boost the power of your Benchmark Email account.

Shopify, Facebook, and Google

Practical Strategies & Resources for Marketers

Feel like you’ve got a team of experts at the ready thanks to the Benchmark Blog, webinars, video tutorials and our Facebook and Twitter channels all sharing tips and ideas for your next marketing campaign, backed by data and years of experience.

Free 24/7 Service & Support

Have a question or hit a bump in the road? Reach our stellar support any time you need. Call, chat or email.

Download Pricing PDF

Get Started With A Free Trial

The Benchmark Starter Plan was built to get you off the ground with your email marketing and customer engagement efforts and to experience the practical tools available.

Send up to 250 emails to your subscribers for free. Access basic features and only upgrade when you need to.

I am finding this software to be very easy to work with and integrate within our websites. I really enjoy the drag and drop for email set up, as well as the ability to send surveys. this will be a great fit for our company.


I like the ease of use and analytics. Quick and easy method for sending email.
I like the up-to-date analytics with open rates and bounce backs as well.

Holly Crider. Marketing Coordinator at The Relief Products

Interface is pretty self explanatory and easy to grasp. I don’t find it cluttered.
With unnecessary options and info like I have with other providers. They have a good overview of statistics and easy to edit templates with different integration options if needed.

Jen L. Interior and Graphic Design, Associate IIDA

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