Check out our new and improved features!
Now that we've launched our brand new site, it's time for you to take a look around. Things have changed. We've improved some of our standard features and even added a whole new set of robust new ones to our service. Here are three features that we're excited to promote:
Email surveys and Web polls
Our new and improved survey feature has everything you need to gather data in a snap. We've added more options. Customizable colors and fonts. More answer options. We've even created pre-made templates complete with questions you can use as is or simply for inspiration. Another option? Web polls. Now you can add your survey to your Website and gather valuable intel on the people visiting your site. Here's a screenshot of one of our custom polls:
New and improved list builders
Another great feature? Our new and improved list builder. Building an opt-in list has never been easier. You can customize your list builder to match your Website with fonts, colors and more.

You can also decide which info you want to gather in your list builder, whether it be a name and email address or everything from the subscriber's geographic location to their product preference. Each subscriber's data is added to your list -- automatically -- and you can immediately start sending them emails. Add your logo to your list builder to give it more pizazz. Create a button to invite people to sign up for your email or newsletter, or simply pick one of the ones we've created exactly for that purpose.

Place your list builder on your Website and in no time at all you'll have a brand new list of opt-in subscribers!
Custom Email Newsletter Archive
Our new online archive. Create an archive for all your emails. This custom archive can be designed to follow your site's design. With a customized online presence in the archive -- a page you can link to from your Website -- you'll now have a permanent online place to store all your past emails and newsletters. You can guide your email recipients to your archive, or let people find it on their own through a Web search. Here's a screenshot:

Over the next few months we'll highlight more features in this space. But for now, go to the site, log in, and see for yourself. We love what we've created and we think you'll love it too!