New feature: View Maps Of Where Your Openers Are Located

With our advanced tracking tools, you can already view the opens of your email campaigns as they happen. But now we've delivered something even better: maps of where your openers are located.

With Benchmark's new Open Maps feature, you can go into your reports section and view a map showing where your openers were when they opened your email or newsletter. Here's what your map will look like:

We think this feature is more than interesting, but a great way to build better, more-targeted campaigns. Think about it. With the Open Maps feature you can:

Get a solid, comprehensive idea of where your openers are located
Set up campaigns based on pockets of different subscribers
Create targeted emails and newsletters based on geographic info such as weather, local economic climate and more
Segment your lists based on where your openers are located

This free new feature, available for any campaign sent after April 25th, gives you a colored map showing different countries and continents. With this new data, you can create ultra-targeted, personalized campaigns that show your recipients you have a better understanding of where they live and work.