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We start off this newsletter with some quick and easy-to-execute steps that will make you a better email marketer immediately. Continuing on the path of success means understanding your engagement metrics. We break it down for you and make it easy to see what you should be paying attention to in your reports. There’s also a story about how one company’s timely email campaigns made my vacation memorable. The tip of the month may not leave you saying “pip pip, cheerio,” but it will have you more aware of the form of English spoken by your customer base.

Last newsletter brought great feedback to our blogs in the form of tons of great comments. Keep it up! Let us know what you like to hear about, so we can bring you more of the same. Aside from the newsletter, our Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay current with news, tips and a wealth of email marketing knowledge. Don't be shy. We look forward to connecting with you on our social networking pages, which are also a great place to address any questions or support issues you may have.
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Whats New: Top 7 Ways to Become a Better Email Marketer
Are You Overlooking Critical Engagement Metrics
How Princess Cruises Made My Vacation Memorable...with Email Marketing
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Tip of the Month
Good to Know: Email Marketing Crash Course
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Whats New
Top 7 Ways to Become a Better Email Marketer

There are seven easy, simple, and basic ways that you can become a better email marketer today. None of these require massive data integrations, culture overhauls or other forms of paradigm shifting. Follow these seven common sense procedures and you will substantially benefit your entire marketing process, as well as your customers.

Learn the Top 7 Ways to Become a Better Email Marketer.

Are You Overlooking Critical Engagement Metrics

The Proper Email Marketing Practice Checklist

Only six out of every ten email marketers ever review extremely basic metrics such as click-throughs and opens, thus failing to take into consideration the critical aspect of prospect engagement. Due to this oversight, many email marketers have reached the limit of what the basic metrics of email tracking can tell them about their campaigns. A complete understanding of your marketing efficiencies, your ROI, and how your entire audience is reacting to your emails can only be achieved through meticulous monitoring of the more sophisticated engagement metrics.

Vigilance is called for in not only fully comprehending what this data says about your campaigns, but also on how to administer effective strategies to fix what’s broken.

Ask yourself: Are You Overlooking Critical Engagement Metrics?

How Princess Cruises Made My Vacation Memorable...with Email Marketing

The Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum

A firsthand look at how one company used a well-timed email campaign to capitalize on the fun and good times of a vacation. Timing is an important factor in email marketing. This article discusses how email sent leading up to and directly after a vacation played to a company's advantage. Think about when your emails are sent out and how they could change the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Read about: How Princess Cruises Made My Vacation Memorable...with Email Marketing.

See how easy email marketing is with Benchmark Email

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Tip of the Month
If your brand markets internationally (and most do), you are not only writing for an audience which resides between Maine and California, but for a prospect who may live in Canada, Australia, Britain, India, South Africa, the Philippines or more than fifty other nations. As there is no universal English, email marketers are well advised to craft their targeted messages in the specific type of English that is practiced by their audience.

Your list’s statistical data has to include your customers’ nationalities. It’s as confusing to supply a recipe for “a treacle-glazed, rasher-wrapped hand of pork with capsicum, silver beet and sultana forcemeat” to an American audience as it is to provide the same “molasses-glazed, bacon-wrapped pork shoulder with red pepper, Swiss chard and raisin stuffing” recipe to your prospects in New Zealand, Ireland, Kenya, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Jamaica…

Find out which Americanized English words might sound like a foreign language to some of your list. Read all about Composing Email for International Customers.

Good to Know
Email Marketing Crash Course

Email Marketing Crash CourseWould you like to see a walk-through of creating and sending out your first campaign? Need help creating lists? Would you like to ask questions in a live learning environment? A computer and an internet connection is all you need to attend our fully interactive training sessions.

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Benchmark Español

Benchmark Email, based in sunny Southern California, has always strived to be the standard in email marketing. Email marketing knows no borders. Benchmark Email is proud to offer Benchmark Email Español. It’s the same great email marketing service so many have come to know and love, but so much more than a simple translation. Our team has worked tirelessly to prepare the full scope of Benchmark Email for the Spanish speaking audience. Our Spanish team is comprised of native speakers, here to make you feel at home with Benchmark Email. Follow our Spanish social networking accounts on both Twitter and Facebook.

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Partner Program News
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Benchmark Email offers an exclusive Partner Program that can earn you a full 25% of the purchases made by your referrals, not just for a month, but for as long as they participate. This lucrative and rewarding opportunity is available to you right now.

Benchmark Email Partners have learned how easy it is to earn over $5,000 a month - month after month - by simply informing their contacts of the extraordinary email marketing services provided by Benchmark Email. Yes, a number of Benchmark Email Partners are earning that amount right now. You can, too! Unlike the countless online linking schemes that are designed to profit only the originator, the Benchmark Email Partner Program is a proven, legitimate, cash-generating business opportunity that rewards you fairly and equitably for the contacts you bring to the site.

The Benchmark Email Partner Program includes everything you need to start selling: banner ads, text ads, links and promotional pages. All of these things can be used in your sales arsenal, and they'll even be coded with a unique affiliate number that tracks every sale to you.

It's totally free to sign up, you can track all your sales through the Partner Program section on our site, and you can earn ongoing commissions every single month.

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Industry Buzz
Almost six in 10 internet users worldwide say they are more likely to buy a product in a store after receiving an email marketing communication, according to a study conducted by Lightspeed Research.
A ClickZ survey showed that nearly half of all respondents (44%) say that customer engagement is the way email campaigns are measured.

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