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If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, to where should you send their emails? Read all about how men and women react to email marketing differently and what you can do to make your email campaigns more effective. Are you using the Benchmark Email Community to your advantage? Learn the best practices for utilizing the Community and its social networking integration capabilities. Speaking of social networking integration, you can now automatically post your newsletter to your Facebook Pages.

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Whats New: The Impact of Gender on Email Segmentation Strategies
The Benchmark Email Community is Great for Social Media Marketing
New Feature: Integrate Your Facebook Pages Account Too!
Video Tutorials
Tip of the Month
Good to Know: Email Marketing Crash Course
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
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Whats New
The Impact of Gender on Email Segmentation Strategies
Many email marketers segment their lists by lifecycle, behavior, psychographics, and many other factors, but few take into consideration the most basic segmentation of all when it comes to targeted email marketing: gender! Research has shown that men and women react differently to various email aspects, and in some cases, what is alluring to one side of the gender divide can alienate the other side.

Learn about The Impact of Gender on Email Segmentation Strategies.

The Benchmark Email Community is Great for Social Media Marketing

Benchmark Email offers free newsletter archiving, which every email marketer should be taking advantage of as a social network tool. The Benchmark Email Community offers a permanent home for all your email marketing campaigns, and it’s totally free! In the Community, your email’s longevity will be safe, even if it gets deleted from your recipients’ inboxes. You might be surprised to learn that there are so many features and functions of the Community that many email marketers simply aren’t utilizing.

Read on for those and a comprehensive list of Benchmark Email Community best practices
New Feature: Integrate Your Facebook Pages Account Too!

Benchmark Email's Facebook integration just got even snazzier. We did this for you, and not just as an excuse to use snazzy in a blog post (promise!) Originally, this feature would auto-post to your Facebook wall when your email was sent. For some, this was all they had ever wanted in integrating social media and email marketing. But our customers who use Facebook Pages wanted the ability to auto-post to their page instead of their personal wall. Ask and you shall receive.

Follow the instructions to Integrate Your Facebook Pages Account.

See how easy email marketing is with Benchmark Email

Check out our video tutorials

Tip of the Month
Send autoresponders based on purchase history. When a customer buys a product, send them an email offering accessories or related products. You can also send articles or information related to the product they purchased. This means relative content for your recipients and can lead to increased sales.

Good to Know
Email Marketing Crash Course

Email Marketing Crash CourseWould you like to see a walk-through of creating and sending out your first campaign? Need help creating lists? Would you like to ask questions in a live learning environment? A computer and an internet connection are all you need to attend our fully interactive training sessions.

Sign up for Benchmark Email Marketing Webinars.

Partner Program News
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner ProgramBenchmark Email offers an exclusive Partner Program that can earn you a full 25% of the purchases made by your referrals, not just for a month, but for as long as they participate. This lucrative and rewarding opportunity is available to you right now.

Benchmark Email Partners have learned how easy it is to earn over $5,000 a month - month after month - by simply informing their contacts of the extraordinary email marketing services provided by Benchmark Email. Yes, a number of Benchmark Email Partners are earning that amount right now. You can, too! Unlike the countless online linking schemes that are designed to profit only the originator, the Benchmark Email Partner Program is a proven, legitimate, cash-generating business opportunity that rewards you fairly and equitably for the contacts you bring to the site.

The Benchmark Email Partner Program includes everything you need to start selling: banner ads, text ads, links and promotional pages. All of these things can be used in your sales arsenal, and they'll even be coded with a unique affiliate number that tracks every sale to you.

It's totally free to sign up, you can track all your sales through the Partner Program section on our site, and you can earn ongoing commissions every single month.

Read about all the advantages of the Partner Program or sign up at

Industry Buzz
More than nine in ten email marketers choose Facebook when combining email and social networking in their email campaigns.
According to eMarketer, if all the time spent on the mobile web in June 2010 was condensed into a single hour, US internet users would have spent 25 minutes of that checking email. This far exceeds social networking's seven minute total.

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