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Happy Holidays! We don't get much snow in California, but the twinkle of lights on the late night freeway has a December charm all of its own.

So 2010 is nearly over and you've accomplished a lot in the past year. Just by being an affiliate, you've taken a pro-active step towards a real marketing advantage. You already know that for every client you sign up, you make 25% of their monthly payment. How would you like to make 25% of $49 more per client? It's called our We Do It For You Program, and you can read more about it below.

By giving you the most up-to-date knowledge on affiliate marketing and Benchmark Email, we can give you the tools to succeed as a partner. What you build with those tools is up to you, but I'm committed to keeping you informed and active.

In this newsletter, I've provided a list of our latest features, one of which comes courtesy straight from our users' Feature Wish List Forum. When presenting our services to a prospect, let them know that we give them every opportunity to contact their customers or subscribers with timely holiday campaigns. December brought email templates for Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa - but that's not all. We also featured global templates for International Human Rights Day and Constitucion Español.

Finally, don't miss our latest social networking feature. You can now add the Facebook 'Like' button to your campaigns and let subscribers follow you on Facebook. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know what we can do to help you become a successful Partner.


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Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager

And Now a Refresher on the Benchmark Email Partner Program
New Features to Promote
Good to Know
Expert Advice
It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email
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Benchmark Email Monthly Newsletter
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And Now a Refresher on the Benchmark Email Partner Program
Partners, you receive recurring monthly income when a referral signs up for a paid plan. There is no payment threshold or monthly target, just 25% of every payment the referred customer makes. For a single purchaser of one of our larger plans, you can make up to $125 in monthly residual income on an open-ended basis. And multiple referrals add up quickly. Some of our Benchmark Email partners earn over $5,000 per month.
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New Features to Promote
Clean List Feature

In October we introduced the Feature Wish List Forum, a place for users to make their voices heard on additional Benchmark services. Thanks to the community's feedback we are proud to bring you our Clean List Feature. This was a much-requested feature, and we are happy to finally provide it! To uphold List Hygiene and streamline the email campaign process, users can now remove subscribers who have not opened a pre-set number of emails (5, 10, 20 or 30). By purging their hard and soft bounces as well as stale addresses, users can now more effectively target their subscribers and see greater returns on their email marketing metrics.

Sub-Accounts Feature

Users can now manage multiple accounts from within their main Benchmark Email account. Sub-accounts can be used to manage separate contact lists and email campaigns. This feature is ideal for schools and large companies that use email marketing for several departments. And sub-accounts will not be billed individually. The main account will be billed based on the plan and the sum of all emails sent by sub-accounts. To keep branding consistent, users also have the ability to share email templates across their sub-accounts.

Webinars Are Back!

Join me daily at 1 p.m. as I take users through an interactive session with our award-winning Benchmark editing software. You can chat with me or voice any questions or concerns you may have. For 30 minutes a day I will be at your service with thrills, excitement, and entertainment... All right, maybe not all that - but I guarantee you'll learn something! Click on this webinar link for info on my next presentation.

We Do It For You

Our We Do It For You program has a simple motto: "You write. We design. We create. We upload. We send. You relax." That's no joke. For $49.95 a month, users can take advantage of their own email marketing department staffed by our expert concierge team. Partners, this is the answer to those who tell you they don't have time to email market. Customers can say what they want in a Word document, Pages file, text, email, and we'll do the rest. We provide creative assistance and list management and include all the benefits of our full-featured accounts. We even publish newsletters to customers' Twitter or other social media services. For the full scoop, check out this great video.

Good to Know
56% of US Marketers plan to spend more on 'newer media' marketing (including websites, email marketing, mobile, search, and social media) in 2011 - Association of National Advertisers (2010) by way of

Expert Advice
One good way to attract prospects and convert them into Benchmark customers (from whom you earn 25%) is by way of a well-read blog. If you already have one, great. If you plan on adding one to a website that's already getting traffic, great. If you just plan on starting a blog, putting up some affiliate banners and watching the cash roll in, you'd better step back and refine that plan. You need to drive traffic to the site via advertising or word-of-mouth, and there'd better be interesting content for people once they get there.

There are a few affiliates we know of who provide multiple solutions for small businesses, and their posted links and articles about Benchmark are all a part of being a one-stop authority on how to promote businesses. Some are regional experts. Some are industry specific. You can find your niche too. The better your content, the more you'll be trusted. In time, your recommendation of affiliated products will carry big weight.

Now you're ready for some expert tips from a pro.'s Darren Rowse has More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs.
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It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email

What do you say to people when you want them to sign up with us? The facts are a great place to start:

We have hundreds of professionally themed templates so that you can make powerful email campaigns fast.
We are currently the only major ESP that doesn't charge extra for surveys, polls, archiving and more.
Benchmark Email has a pricing structure for every client, either based on the size of your list or the quantity of emails sent per month.
You will not be required to sign a contract with Benchmark Email.
Using our easy-to-use email marketing software, you can embed videos into your email campaigns.
Our social-network tools extend your email campaigns to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
Plans start from as low as $9.95 per month for small businesses or organizations.
We offer dedicated server options for large volume senders.
We even offer full-service WE DO IT FOR YOU email marketing for those who are just too busy to do it themselves.

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