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We want you to have the most up-to-date knowledge on affiliate marketing, as well as Benchmark Email, to help you succeed as a partner. Learn about Benchmark Email’s new Feature Wish List Forum, where the focus is on our customers. We will clue you in on the benefit of link networking as an affiliate marketing strategy. Also, read about just how many affiliate marketers are using opt-in email.

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Whats New: The Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum
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Whats New
The Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum

Fire Your Writers, Hire Your Customers!

Our latest feature, we are pleased to announce, is all about our customers. Benchmark Email has introduced a Feature Wish List Forum. Any customer can tell us a feature they’d like to see implemented or vote for another idea that’s previously been suggested. It’s our way of letting our customers know that we’re listening. The ideas suggested might even become the latest and greatest feature added to our services. Even though the forum has only been live for a very short time, we’re already preparing to implement a new feature that came from the Wish List.

Learn all about the new Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum

Tip of the Month
Participate in link networking. Backlinks to your website are one of the most important attributes of a successful affiliate marketer. This is also referred to as link baiting. This can be done by providing valuable content, such as writing an interesting article or a "how-to."

Good to Know
Of over 1150 affiliates surveyed by AffStat, 51.5% said they maintain an opt-in email list for their site. Check out the 2010 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report for tons of great statistics, strategies and tips on affiliate marketing.

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