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Fall is just about upon us. Changing almost as much as the colors of the leaves are the email metrics that experts claim to be most important. Read all about one important metric, which just might mean more money when used correctly. Benchmark Email has rolled out more exciting features this month. Learn all about our new social networking buttons as well as the new Automatic Birthday Emails in this newsletter.

Benchmark Email is celebrating our new We Do It For You service with a series of contests. This month, it's a Twitter contest for your chance to win three free months of our We Do It For You program. Read on for details and for some tips on how to make sure a longer email is read to its full extent.
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Whats New - RFM: The Critical Metric Less Than 1/4 of All Email Marketers Apply
The Twitter Contest Begins: Win 3 Free Months of We Do It For You Email Marketing!
Social Networking Buttons
Automatic Birthday Emails
Video Tutorials
Tip of the Month
Good to Know: Email Marketing Crash Course
Partner Program News
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Whats New
RFM: The Critical Metric Less Than 1/4 of All Email Marketers Apply

RFM: The Critical Metric Less Than 1/4 of All Email Marketers Apply A Forrester Research study recently demonstrated that 71% of all email marketers consider click-through rate as a valuable metric while 61% also track open rates. One of the most significant metrics available is applied by less than one quarter of all email marketers.

The application of another metric can provide valuable insight into consumer purchasing behavior and the overall value of a customer. This metric can also allow for accurate predictions of required inventory and staffing. This metric is known as RFM.

Start paying attention to RFM: The Critical Metric Less Than 1/4 of All Email Marketers Apply.

The Twitter Contest Begins: Win 3 Free Months of We Do It For You Email Marketing!

The Benchmark Email Feature Wish List Forum We Do It For You contest number one is upon us. I hope you're all as excited as we are. We Do It For You was created in the spirit of providing our same great email marketing software features to those that simply do not have the time to do it themselves.

Tell us why you deserve three months of our We Do It For You service totally free. We'll even throw in a Benchmark Email Plan 600 if you're not already a customer! This first contest is being held on Twitter. Tweet us @BenchmarkEmail, and let us know why we should award you three free months of We Do It For You. Make us feel for you, or make us laugh. Just make it entertaining. Be sure to use the hash tag #WeDoItForYou to be eligible..

Read more about the contest and watch the video.

New Features
Social Networking Buttons

Social Networking ButtonsIndividually, email marketing and social networking are powerful tools that are sure to garner results for a company of any size. Integrating them, however, improves on the effectiveness of both.

With that in mind, we've added a new feature to our email builder that lets you add clickable Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons to any section of your email newsletter.

Find out how to Put Clickable Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Buttons Anywhere in Your Emails.

Automatic Birthday Emails

Automatic Birthday EmailsBirthday emails are a favorite tool in the word of email marketing. They're an easy way to make your customer feel good (unless someone doesn't like being reminded it's their birthday). Now, it's easier than ever to send a birthday or anniversary email with our same great email marketing software. We've added a feature that allows you to send an automatic birthday email to each of your subscribers on their special day.

Learn how to Send Automatic Birthday Emails.

See how easy email marketing is with Benchmark Email

Check out our video tutorials

Tip of the Month
The findings of a recent study are not encouraging for the crafters of florid, long-winded email prose... but there are some steps you can take to maximize your percentages in the pursuit of more effective email marketing. Skew your "major words" to ensure that the most important and relevant ones get read.

Place your major words at the top of the email's text.
Consider adding into the last paragraph, as that gets read more than most of the middle ones.
Use bold and italics judiciously: Overuse makes your text look like a ransom note.
Use subheads carefully as well: Introducing every sentence this way looks like a table of contents.
Keep your text short, as your percentage of words read will increase.

Good to Know
Email Marketing Crash Course

Email Marketing Crash CourseWould you like to see a walk-through of creating and sending out your first campaign? Need help creating lists? Would you like to ask questions in a live learning environment? A computer and an internet connection are all you need to attend our fully interactive training sessions.

Sign up for Benchmark Email Marketing Webinars.

Partner Program News
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Benchmark Email Partners have learned how easy it is to earn over $5,000 a month - month after month - by simply informing their contacts of the extraordinary email marketing services provided by Benchmark Email. Yes, a number of Benchmark Email Partners are earning that amount right now. You can, too! Unlike the countless online linking schemes that are designed to profit only the originator, the Benchmark Email Partner Program is a proven, legitimate, cash-generating business opportunity that rewards you fairly and equitably for the contacts you bring to the site.

The Benchmark Email Partner Program includes everything you need to start selling: banner ads, text ads, links and promotional pages. All of these things can be used in your sales arsenal, and they'll even be coded with a unique affiliate number that tracks every sale to you.

It's totally free to sign up, you can track all your sales through the Partner Program section on our site, and you can earn ongoing commissions every single month.

Read about all the advantages of the Partner Program or sign up at

Industry Buzz
78% of marketers polled by Marketing Sherpa agree that social sharing increases brand reputation and awareness.
18-34 year-olds are more open to online advertising than the general adult population, according to Experian Simmons data on attitudes toward advertising.

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