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Happy New Year everybody! Hope all of you are living up to your resolutions. What? You neither? Yeah. I didn't have cake for breakfast this morning. I swear.

It's not too late to find a new resolution. Check out our new guide on Email Marketing Resolutions for 2011. I won't tell anyone they weren't your resolutions all along. Your secret is safe with me.

New year, new features here at Benchmark Email. Now you can add personalized greetings to your email campaigns. That's just the start. You also have more fonts to choose from, a color-coded view of HTML, and can add a note to a test email. (You can read about all those additions in this Software Update blog.) I'll clear my throat for my best Ted Williams voice now: That's not all! You also get a brand new car! Sorry. Got caught up in the moment. What I meant to say was, we've now added a capacity notification to help you avoid overages.

Read on and learn about the benefits of great customer service and turning your customers into evangelists. See how Groupon both succeeds and falters when they accidentally make an offer of $0. We're all about learning this new year. Make sure you check out our guide on How to Build Healthy Email Lists. There's plenty of great tips and tidbits mixed throughout. Enjoy!

In This Issue:
Whats New: Turning Your Customers into Evangelists
Groupon Offers a Lesson in Email Promotion
Benchmark Email Presents: Cleaning House - How to Build Healthy Email Lists
Video Tutorials
Tip of the Month
Good to Know: Email Marketing Crash Course
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
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Whats New
Turning Your Customers into Evangelists
Are you treating your customer like a family member or a best friend? Are you doing everything in your power to ensure that they are content, satisfied and even outright enthusiastic about your brand? If so, you're on the way to long term profitability that will survive the tests of time.

Learn about the power of great customer service and Turning Your Customers into Evangelists

Groupon Offers a Lesson in Email Promotion

See how Groupon accidentally offered free maid service, and how they covered up their mistake. They handled it pretty well. They explain the mistake, apologize, accept responsibility, offer a solution and offer a place to ask any additional questions. A bit of humor didn't hurt either. You also need to consider your quality control procedures. Make sure any errors are corrected ASAP. How you deal with your email marketing mistakes can determine the future of your relationship with your subscribers. Take heed, because nobody is perfect.

See how Groupon Both Succeeds and Falters at Email Promotion
Benchmark Email Presents: Cleaning House - How to Build Healthy Email Lists

Our new, free manual: Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists, will get you started. Inside this guide you'll learn about opting in, opting out, demographic segmentation, the basics and even the philosophy for sustained growth. You can download the free PDF file from our Benchmark Email Marketing Manual section or read it right on our site. As always, we hope you learn about building better lists and that you apply it to future subscribers.

Learn all about How to Build Healthy Email Lists.

See how easy email marketing is with Benchmark Email

Check out our video tutorials

Tip of the Month
Improve Deliverability - Keep Your Email Lists Fresh
Use a Permission Reminder email. Send one out every six months (at least) and keep contact lists fresh and valid.

Good to Know
Email Marketing Crash Course

Email Marketing Crash CourseWould you like to see a walk-through of creating and sending out your first campaign? Need help creating lists? Would you like to ask questions in a live learning environment? A computer and an internet connection is all you need to attend our fully interactive training sessions.

Sign up for Benchmark Email Marketing Webinars.

Partner Program News
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program
Refer & Earn Through The Benchmark Email Partner Program Benchmark Email offers an exclusive Partner Program that can earn you a full 25% of the purchases made by your referrals, not just for a month but for as long as they participate. This lucrative and rewarding opportunity is available to you right now.

Benchmark Email Partners have learned how easy it is to earn over $5,000 a month, month after month, by simply informing their contacts of the extraordinary email marketing services provided by Benchmark Email. Yes, a number of Benchmark Email Partners are earning that amount right now, and you can too. Unlike the countless online linking schemes that are designed to profit only the originator, the Benchmark Email Partner Program is a proven, legitimate, cash-generating business opportunity that rewards you fairly and equitably for the contacts you bring to the site.

The Benchmark Email Partner Program includes everything you need to start selling. Banner ads. Text ads. Links. Promotional pages. All of these things can be used in your sales arsenal, and they'll even be coded with a unique affiliate number that tracks every sale to you.

It's totally free to sign up, you can track all your sales through the Partner Program section on our site, and you can earn ongoing commissions, every single month.

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Industry Buzz
Spam volume fell no less than 209 billion messages (from 301 billion to 92 billion) in December 2010, a drop of 31% over 6 months, according to Cisco's Ironport Senderbase website.
73% of marketers said that integrating video with email marketing increased their CTR, in a survey from the World Wide Marketing Council.

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