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This month Benchmark Email unveiled its most ambitious sponsorship program yet, our We Care About Kids program. Any non-profit whose primary focus is to help children, whether through education, enrichment, community building or health is encouraged to sign up for a free email marketing account.

This is a terrific opportunity to optimize your Benchmark Partnership pitches, so get the word out! Benchmark Email still offers all of its great plans for unbeatable prices, but for those organizations who want to market themselves online yet lack the budget or know how - Benchmark Email can provide both, for FREE!

I hope you had a great summer. Look forward to some surprises later this year!

Best Wishes,

Daniel Miller
Sales Manager
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Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager

Use Your Partnership to Its Full Advantage
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Benchmark Email Monthly Newsletter
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  Use Your Partnership to Its Full Advantage
As a partner, you receive recurring monthly income when a referral signs up for a paid plan. There is no payment threshold or monthly target, just 25% of every payment the referred customer makes. For a single purchaser of one of our larger plans, you can make up to $125 in monthly residual income on an open-ended basis. And multiple referrals add up quickly. Some of our Benchmark Email partners earn over $5,000 per month.
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  New Features to Promote
Benchmark Email Gives Free Email Marketing Accounts to Non-Profits
Benchmark Email is already a proud sponsor of PTAs, and now we're expanding our sponsorship to all children in need. This free email marketing sponsorship program is specifically for non-profits that benefit children. With an ardent wish for the future of youth all around the globe, Benchmark Email is proud to offer the We Care About Kids program to any qualifying organizations. Check out the landing page and signup form today!

New Email Marketing Manuals
Benchmark Email covered Automotive Dealerships several months ago. Well we're back on the track with our latest free white paper on Auto Repair. Learn how to target your auto shop for quality email marketing that engages customers and prospects with targeted email campaigns and quality newsletters that will make your subscribers purr.

Automotive Repair: Fixing & Tuning Up Your Email Campaigns

  Good to Know
According to MarketingSherpa's "Landing Page Handbook" (2008), 44% of B2B marketing clicks are sent to the home page instead of trackable or custom designed landing pages. Moreover, the primary reason for failing to use landing pages was said to stem from companies' lack of time or knowledge.

A landing page is an essential online marketing tool. Before you send a campaign, are you designing landing pages to justify your subscriber's click-through?

  Expert Advice

Jordie van Rijn, guest blogger for Benchmark Email and longterm loyalty marketing consultant, wrote this month on Optimizing Email Marketing by Tracking Abandoned Coupons. Inside, he mentions the importance of gleaning your tracking data to glean the optimal use from a coupon send:

"Email coupons can do very well as a promotional tool, especially when sent to your list of already interested subscribers. And even more so if the coupons offered are personalized by product preferences. You can offer a more attractive coupon if you know what your recipient likes. It is even possible to trigger coupon emails based on individual behavior. Did someone visit the website and browse through a certain product category? Why not send them an email three days later with a coupon for just that product category?

A lot of money gets left on the table though, as coupons are often used as a one email send, slipping through the attention or interest of the recipient."

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  It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email

When a prospect asks about Benchmark Email, what will you tell them? The facts are a great place to start:

Over 400 holiday and professional templates that are fully customizable and incredibly easy to design
Surveys, polls, campaign archiving, geographic mapping, tracking and reporting, social sharing - all of it comes free with even our lowest plans
Those plans start at $9.95/month and our flexible pricing structures are designed with the small business owner in mind
Video emails that easily link from a website's URL. No embed codes necessary!
Benchmark Email's social media integration extends your email campaigns to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the click of a mouse
A dedicated server and top-notch deliverability for even our largest volume senders
If a user is too busy, We Do It for You! And not too shabbily either, if I say so myself

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