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From all of us here at Benchmark Email, we hope you had a very happy holiday! This month we released 3 new email marketing manuals, updated our servers and prepared for the new year. We're less than one month away from on the go email marketing, a feature you and your future referrals are going to love.

How do we know? Consider it our new year's resolution.

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Use Your Partnership to Its Full Advantage
New Features to Promote
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Benchmark Email Monthly Newsletter
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  Use Your Partnership to Its Full Advantage
As a partner, you receive recurring monthly income when a referral signs up for a paid plan. There is no payment threshold or monthly target, just 25% of every payment the referred customer makes. For a single purchaser of one of our larger plans, you can make up to $125 in monthly residual income on an open-ended basis. And multiple referrals add up quickly. Some of our Benchmark Email partners earn over $5,000 per month.
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  New Features to Promote
New Email Marketing Manuals
We have three new email marketing manuals to share this month for three very different industries: party suppliers, consultants and fitness businesses. Each details the methods for email marketing to their respective demographics and provides great statistics on current marketing trends. Read or download them today for free!

Party Supply Email Marketing
Email Marketing for Consultants
Email Marketing for Fitness & Health

  Good to Know
According to a 2010 GetResponse Survey, 80% of respondents listed video emails as their planned method of marketing. This was a huge jump from 15.7% just one year before. Learn more about video email marketing with Benchmark by clicking the link.

  Expert Advice

As we exit the holiday season, a few tips for your e-shoppers is in order. Though the holiday is over, these steps, from Benchmark blogger Francis Santos, are evergreen:

"Follow up fast - The timeliness of your abandonment strategy is crucial. Ideally, you want to follow up in anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after the cart was abandoned. Anything longer than that and the sale typically becomes unsalvageable.

Personalize it - This is your chance to change the visitor's mind and convince them to complete the purchase process. Don't blow it. Personalize your follow-up message by including their name, and referencing the item they left behind.

Make it tasty - Personalizing your shopping cart abandonment emails may not be enough when approaching some people. Realizing this, you should consider incentivizing your strategy. Who knows? It could be a generous discount, exclusive offer or free shipping that re-engages the lost visitor and persuades them to follow through."

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  It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email

When a prospect asks about Benchmark Email, what will you tell them? The facts are a great place to start:

Over 400 holiday and professional templates that are fully customizable and incredibly easy to design
Surveys, polls, campaign archiving, geographic mapping, tracking and reporting, social sharing - all of it comes free with even our lowest plans
Those plans start at $9.95/month and our flexible pricing structures are designed with the small business owner in mind
Video emails that easily link from a website's URL. No embed codes necessary!
Benchmark Email's social media integration extends your email campaigns to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the click of a mouse
A dedicated server and top-notch deliverability for even our largest volume senders
If a user is too busy, We Do It for You! And not too shabbily either, if I say so myself

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