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Welcome back to the next thrilling installment of your Partner Affiliation with Benchmark Email (it's a more exciting way of saying Happy New Year).

2011 is upon us and I'm all set to give you the goods on why it's going to be a banner year for Benchmark Email and a prosperous one for you. You? Yes, you! For every client you sign up for Benchmark Email, you make 25% of their monthly payment. No strings. No catch. This year, Partner, we're headed straight to the top.

I've provided a list of our latest and greatest features down below to inform you of the most updated services we offer to prospects. Let them know that we offer customizable HTML Email Templates for every holiday and occasion and allow them full Social Media Integration for their email campaigns. That means Facebook Like Buttons, combining your Twitter account with your email campaign, and so much more!

We're excited to hit the ground running this January and I hope you are too. If not, read on, and let our new features convince you.


Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager
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Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager

Now a Refresher on the Benchmark Email Partner Program
New Features to Promote
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Benchmark Email Monthly Newsletter
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Now a Refresher on the Benchmark Email Partner Program
Partners, you receive recurring monthly income when a referral signs up for a paid plan. There is no payment threshold or monthly target, just 25% of every payment the referred customer makes. For a single purchaser of one of our larger plans, you can make up to $125 in monthly residual income on an open-ended basis. And multiple referrals add up quickly. Some of our Benchmark Email partners earn over $5,000 per month.
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New Features to Promote
Free Webinars Are Daily at 1 PM

That's right, our Live Webinars are back! Join me at 1 PM, Monday through Friday, as I take users through an interactive session with our award-winning Benchmark editing software. You can chat with me or voice an questions or concerns you may have. For 30 minutes I will be at your service with thrills, excitement and entertainment. Click on the link to get more info and sign up for my next presentation. I'll see you there!

3 New Software Upgrades

We promised our users that they would always have a voice at Benchmark Email. At our Features Request Forum, we make good on that promise. The latest features that have been added at no extra charge to our users broadens the usability and scope of our email editor. First up, users can Add a Personalized Greeting to their test emails to leave their recipients messages or notes/comments with their templates. And when a user is searching for an address amongst their bulky contact lists, they can now Search Contacts Across Lists, no matter how many targeted segments they have. Last but certainly not least is our Email Capacity Notification. We're especially proud of this feature as it allows users to see when they have expended 95% of their allowable emails for the month. With this new notification, users can easily avoid overages and renew their plan. They can even upgrade to a new plan without contacting support.

Free Email Marketing Manuals

We've got our team of email experts hitting the books and scouring the industry for the latest trends and reports. We've got our finest copywriters on the job and spinning wisdom from the world wide web. Benchmark is proud to introduce our all-new and comprehensively concise marketing manuals. Since December we have added 4 free guides on creating effective email campaigns and strategies. Whether a user is looking to improve his or her metrics or ready to get into the game, they can check them out on our new email marketing manuals page. Our latest manuals include:

New Year's Resolutions for the Savvy Email Marketer
How to Start Email Marketing
Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists
Winery Email Marketing: The Success, the Shortcomings and the Solutions

We Do It For You

Our We Do It For You program has a simple motto: "You write. We design. We create. We upload. We send. You relax." That's no joke. With this deal, users can take advantage of their own email marketing department staffed by our expert concierge team. Partners, this is the answer to those who tell you they don't have time to email market. Customers can say what they want in a Word document, Pages file, text, email, and we'll do the rest. We provide creative assistance and list management and include all the benefits of our full-featured accounts. We even publish newsletters to customers' Twitter or other social media services. For the full scoop, check out this great video.

Good to Know
Across age groups from 18 - 73, at least 90% of respondents are using email. Of the 93% of the 12-17 year-olds who reported they went online, 73% do so to send or read email. - 2010 Generations Online, Pew Research Center

Expert Advice
The internet is big and far from faceless; in fact, it has several hundred thousand faces, all looking for a way to give your potential customer a wink and a dubious offer and send them indignantly on their way. Customers don't like to be marginalized. Treat every prospect as a friend or neighbor and give them something positive to associate your brand with. Adopt the old policies of placing the customer's needs before your own. It may hurt, and sometimes seem downright impossible, but in the long run you will earn your client or prospect's trust. That, in turn, will lead to word-of-mouth that no money can buy. Even when there is no sale, at the very least you will stand out from the horde of internet profiteers - and online forums or social networks will attest to your customer support.

How do you treat your customers and potential clients? No matter how vast the internet may be, a frustrated customer seldom remains anonymous for long. Treat small issues quickly and fairly before letting them develop into PR disasters.
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It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email

What do you say to people when you want them to sign up with us? The facts are a great place to start:

Benchmark Email has hundreds of holiday- and professionally-themed templates that you can use or customize yourself
No extra charges for surveys, polls, archiving, geographic map, tracking or reporting
Flexible pricing structures and rates for every budget and contact list size, starting at $9.95/month
Easily embed videos into your email campaigns
Benchmark's social sharing tools extend your email campaigns to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with just the press of a button
Dedicated server options for large volume senders
Too busy for email marketing? We Do It for You, and stylishly, too!

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