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Daylight Savings: not my favorite holiday. But while we've been losing sleep, Benchmark Email has been growing up. We've had a lot of great user feedback this month and we're making headway on new projects that should turn some heads in the coming months.

In the meantime, have you checked out our updated New Features page? We've added quite a few features, all of it invaluable to online marketing and none of it window dressing (though the snazzy icons don't hurt). In addition to our classic features of HTML Email Templates and Real-Time Reports, you can now take a look at our RSS to Email capability, updated Autoresponder settings, Email Marketing API and, of course, Social Media Integration.

We've also added to our Email Marketing by Industry manuals. In addition to email marketing plans for Wineries, we now present strategies for Associations, Organizations and Automotive Dealerships. Look for a white paper on Restaurants before the month is over and even more industries as the year progresses.

Benchmark has hit the ground running and we've only just begun. We're happy to have you on the team.


Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager
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Daniel Miller
Sales/Partner Manager

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Benchmark Email Monthly Newsletter
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Use Your Partnership to Its Full Advantage
As a partner, you receive recurring monthly income when a referral signs up for a paid plan. There is no payment threshold or monthly target, just 25% of every payment the referred customer makes. For a single purchaser of one of our larger plans, you can make up to $125 in monthly residual income on an open-ended basis. And multiple referrals add up quickly. Some of our Benchmark Email partners earn over $5,000 per month.
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New Features to Promote
Cool Stuff for Small Businesses

We've had some great guest blogs this month and we're glad to welcome Ez Texting and Brandignity to the Benchmark team. If you're a small business owner or you provide services to small businesses, we want to hear from you! How do you grow, improve and optimize your online presence? Benchmark Email will host articles written by entrepreneurs and old hands alike to bring our readers direct B2B insight and guidance. Would you or a company you know like to get in on the action? Take a look at our Cool Stuff for Small Businesses and contact us right away!

New Email Marketing Manuals

Every month Benchmark Email rolls out new guides and manuals to instruct users on the benefits and the strategies of email and online marketing. Our Metrics guide has been in the offing for some time and we're happy to present it to you now: a full breakdown of how to use Benchmark's real-time reports and what each metric means to your campaign. Then our Introduction to Online Marketing guide will teach users how to supplement their email marketing with social media and SEO. Finally, as promised last month, we have two new industry white papers on email marketing for Associations & Organizations and Automotive Dealerships. Check our email marketing manual page before the end of March to read our latest guides!

Metrics: Tracking & Reporting with Benchmark Email
Associations & Organizations: Empowering Your Membership through Email Marketing
Introduction to Online Marketing
Automotive Dealership Marketing: Email Campaigns Driving Sales

Free Webinars Daily at 1 PM and 2 AM PST

That's right, our Live Webinars are back! Join me at 1 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, as I take users through an interactive session with our award-winning Benchmark editing software. Maybe you've got a crazy schedule that keeps you up at odd hours? No problem. We also run webinars at 2 AM PST. Check the link for the latest schedule.

You can chat with me and voice any questions or concerns you may have. For 30 minutes I will be at your service with thrills, excitement and entertainment. Click on the link to get more info and sign up for my next presentation. I'll see you there!

We Do It for You

Our We Do It for You program has a simple motto: "You write. We design. We create. We upload. We send. You relax." That's no joke. With this deal, users can take advantage of their own email marketing department staffed by our expert concierge team. Partners, this is the answer to those who tell you they don't have time to email market. Customers can say what they want in a Word document, Pages file, text, email, and we'll do the rest. We provide creative assistance and list management and include all the benefits of our full-featured accounts. We even publish newsletters to customers' Twitter or other social media services. For the full scoop, check out this great video.

Good to Know
According to a 2010 study by CMB Consumer Pulse, 48% of internet users currently read articles and blogs on websites and 49% of users polled are reading and writing emails. At the same time, a July 2010 MediaTel study reported that more than 40% of users listen to or watch TV while online.

Expert Advice
Just because your audience is global does not mean they can respond to the same message as your native customers. Tailoring email campaigns requires attention to detail. From our guest blogger and veteran email marketing and loyalty consultant Jordie van Rijn's How to Localize Your Email Marketing...:

"Countries that speak the same language have their differences. Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium. English is spoken in the UK and the USA. But they have different ways of talking, saluting and conversing. For instance, a flashlight is called a torch in the United Kingdom and sneakers are called trainers.

Translation alone can bring a great uplift in opens, click-throughs and response rates. The best tip in translating is to always use local translators. Native speakers have a feel for the language and can easily spot if something is even the slightest bit off. If possible, try to find a translator that is in your own time-zone, as working with overseas teams can be much more difficult.

Translation might be a first step, but it isn't enough to customize an email for international audiences. Localizing an email campaign often involves making adjustments to the campaign's tone, imagery, offer and other elements to reflect cultural differences."
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It's Easy to Recommend Benchmark Email

When a prospect asks about Benchmark Email, what will you tell them? The facts are a great place to start:

Over 400 holiday and professional templates that are fully customizable and incredibly easy to design
Surveys, polls, campaign archiving, geographic mapping, tracking and reporting, social sharing - all of it comes free with even our lowest plans
Those plans start at $9.95/month and our flexible pricing structures are designed with the small business owner in mind
Video emails that easily link from a website's URL. No embed codes necessary!
Benchmark Email's social media integration extends your email campaigns to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with the click of a mouse
A dedicated server and top-notch deliverability for even our largest volume senders
If a user is too busy, We Do It for You! And not too shabbily either, if I say so myself

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