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Double Opt-In Email Lists: Creating Permission Based Lists

Many email marketers view a large list as proof of success. After all, a large list implies that hundreds or thousands of people have signed up to receive your emails. But how many of those email addresses have actual value? How many are never opened, automatically deleted or bounced back with an error message?

Drop your dead weight with Benchmark Email’s Permission Pass System, a free service to paid customers.

Permission Pass will "close the loop", making your email list lean, mean, and 100% double opt-in. Save time and money by only sending to customers interested in what you have to say.

Permission Pass benefits include:
A tighter, more focused list
More conversions
Better open rates
Great reputation with ISPs
Outstanding delivery rates
No more spam complaints
An audience genuinely interested in what you’re selling
Here's how the system works:
You agree to Permission Pass your list.
This means that we’ll take your list and send emails to your customers. In these messages, customers will confirm via a link that they’re still interested in receiving your emails. Once a customer confirms their sign up, they are now officially double opt-in.
We add your confirmed customers to an elite, double opt-in list
Once a customer confirms their email sign up, they’ll immediately receive your email campaign or newsletter. We'll also add them to a choice list of double opt-in subscribers.
We'll use special servers to send to your Permission Passed customers
Our high reputation servers are only used to send email on behalf customers with double opt-in lists. Using a Permission Pass server will help you build a great sender reputation, and it will immediately boost your delivery rates.
Purchased lists are NOT allowed
If you have bought, rented or acquired a contact list from a 3rd party organization or individual, you are prohibited from using the Permission Pass process. Benchmark Email requires that you can establish proof that your contacts opted-in to your list. Please contact us for more information. (Visit Spamhaus to learn about their views on the Permission Pass Process.)

If you have questions about our Permission Pass service, click here to contact us.

A note about bought and rented lists
Benchmark Email is strictly a permission-based email marketing service. This means that we never sell or rent lists, nor do we take on customers that use bought or rented lists.

We believe that by following Can Spam regulations, Email Sender and Provider Coalition standards and our own set of guidelines, we preserve our reputation as a business and can continue to offer optimal delivery rates for customers.

If you visit our site and like our service, but you happen to have a bought or rented email list, you cannot use our service. If you’d like more information on how to build a good opt-in list, please click here.

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