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Email Marketing Statistics

Automotive Repair

Automotive Repair Email Marketing Statistics
This aggregate of statistical information was derived from recent published statistics from leading major industry sources and official surveys. This data was correlated with the answers received as a result of direct questioning automotive repair facility owners and managers.
Automotive Repair Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
All of the statistics shown following this graphic were gathered from automotive repair businesses within the U.S. and Canada presently reporting to engage in email marketing. Only 18% report to be currently utilizing email marketing campaigns as a business strategy; however, 11% of automotive repair business owners and managers report awareness of a need to utilize email campaigns in future marketing practices. Several reasons exist as to why the industry majority has not embraced email marketing. First, many small, independent auto repair businesses do not believe themselves to be properly equipped to implement a successful email marketing campaign; nor do they think they have the critical mass of clientele necessitating such a campaign. Second, many business units have not been exposed to the essence of what email marketing campaigns are or how they can be beneficial to automotive repair businesses of any size.
Automotive Repair Sending Frequency
Seventy-four percent of all automotive repair email newsletters and other content are issued monthly. This near three-quarter percentage of the total email marketing makes up the lion's share of sends. Only 5% of businesses surveyed reported utilizing email marketing more frequently than on a monthly basis, while 21% reported less frequency: 4% sent out marketing materials every two months, while 11% reported quarterly frequency rates and 6% seasonal or yearly sends.
Automotive Repair Content Type
Fifty-nine percent of automotive repair emails intend to hybridize business information with sales alerts and exclusive discounts or vouchers. Informational emails accounted for only 12% of all emails and offers while 29% of emails contained no informational material but offered only sales and discount offers.
How Automotive Repair Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
These survey results convey that automotive repair businesses report smaller percentages of current customers on their lists than is superficially evident. Approximately 33% of their subscribers are individuals who have physically visited the facility, while 47 are subscribers enrolled through online promotions. The Web accounted for 8% of the subscription list entries, while 7% were purchased or supplied by leads. Public events accounted for 4% of subscriptions.
Typical Automotive Repair Email Subscriber List Size
The automotive repair industry is divided between large chain or franchise operations and small, local and fully independent motor vehicle service, maintenance and repair facilities. Forty-seven percent of all subscriber lists have less than 500 entries, while the remaining 53% report larger lists: 28% have 500 to 1,000 subscribers; 8%, 1,000 to 3,000; 6%, 3,000 to 5,000; 11%, more than 5,000 (indicative of levels reached by national chain operations).
Automotive Repair List Segments
Only 21% of auto repair companies utilize the marketing benefits of segmenting their email subscriber lists.