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Click-Through Rates by Industry

Automotive Dealership Marketing: Email Campaigns Driving Sales

Automotive Dealership Subscriber Click-Through Rates
Click-through rates (CTR) are relatively easy to calculate but are reliant on open rates for the formula to be computed. Since two thirds of automotive dealerships do not adequately track that critical metric, it is not surprising that fully 83% of responding automotive dealerships do not know their CTRs, thus are unable to understand the most basic aspect of their email campaigns' performance. 2% did report that they obtained a stratospheric over-15% CTR, with 5% reporting 10-15% CTR, 7% of automotive dealerships stating that their CTR was 5-10%, and 3% claiming a CTR below 5%.
Versus Industry Click-Through Rates
The results provided by the automotive dealerships show that their CTRs seem to be slightly over average for various overall industry sectors.