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Your Email Marketing Solution

Automotive Dealership Marketing: Email Campaigns Driving Sales

Give Your Email Campaign V-12 Power with Hybrid Economy
When you place Benchmark Email on your marketing team, your dealership will be in a position to zoom past the competition and ease your campaign's overhead. Benchmark Email is one of the leading email marketing service providers trusted by over 73,000 avid users, and their savvy professional experts have engineered an alluring and efficient system that was custom tailored to the needs of any automotive or motorcycle dealership, from the largest multi-brand full service dealer to the tiniest used car lot.

This exclusive Automotive Dealership Email Marketing Solution is a fully proprietary set of synergistic online communications functions integrated into a powerful DIY system that utilizes a straightforward web browser interface to access a wealth of unparalleled email marketing features. Leveraging the best of email and social media marketing engagements, this system is fast, efficient, and easy to implement. You'll be able to launch a comprehensive campaign in just a few minutes.

Or Place Your Campaign on Benchmark Email Cruise Control
Running an automotive dealership is a complex task not designed for the faint of heart, and the man-hours required to manage its varied aspects can be staggering. That is why Benchmark Email offers an innovative and revolutionary We Do It for You Full Service Email Marketing process. Simply provide the experienced professionals at Benchmark Email with your subscription list, describe the essence of your message, and everything will be done for you at a cost that is so low as to be astounding! You certainly won't suffer from sticker shock when you review Benchmark Email's full service prices!

The email marketing pros at Benchmark Email apply the most advanced state of the art communications technologies to direct and focus each and every aspect of your campaign. The Benchmark Email concierge will provide custom templates featuring arresting graphics and unlimited capabilities to maximize your campaign's appeal, as well as upload and archive all relevant files. Real Time Email Reports provide you with easy to understand perspectives on your campaigns' current and historical metrics, which allow you to visualize email performance trends over time. Literally every aspect of your email and social media promotions will be handled in a smooth, thorough, and utterly professional manner. When you sign up for this embracive service, your email concierge team will become your own in-house squad of online marketing professionals, ensuring that every aspect of your email campaign is in adherence to the full spectrum of legislative and self-regulative industry standards.

Benchmark Email will manage up to two separate email marketing campaigns for you in their entirety. Additional campaigns are available at a slight extra cost. Their marketing specialists will ensure that every facet of your campaign meets with your full approval prior to sending any emails. The total subscriber management solution uploads and segments your list on your behalf, devises an online signup form to boost your subscriber list, and sets up autoresponders for timely responses to your customers. By setting up customer feedback channels, Benchmark Email will build an in-depth customer survey and create custom polls. Social media is among the most powerful of all online marketing channels, thus Benchmark Email will publish your newsletter links on your Twitter account and provide a broad range of effective social media services for you.

Benchmark Email's monthly customized individual service covers every possible aspect of a powerful automotive dealership email and social media campaign, and it costs less than a single D2S headlight bulb! The advantages of this powerful approach are innumerable: Consider it as placing your email campaign on Cruise Control!