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Benchmark Email Features

Email Marketing for Bars & Nightclubs

Industry Standard Features
Your venue will obtain benefits from these effective features with Benchmark Email:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your communications may be set up to go out at any time you prefer in the future, regardless of the date and time deemed to be the best by your customers. By harnessing highly sophisticated autoresponders, Benchmark Email presents you with the capability to schedule a sequence of countdown timers. These timers can be triggered with particular occurrences such as the date of the initial subscription, the renewal dates, the customer’s birthdate, or any other anniversary.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email offers an exclusive video email process that provides for video content of any duration relevant to your bar or nightclub’s newest specials, events, innovations, or updates. All can be easily delivered to your clients while maintaining file sizes to an absolute minimum.

Contact List Management - As the volume of your subscribers continues to expand, it becomes a significantly more time-consuming job to ensure that each entry is up to date and accurate. Benchmark Email’s list management tools help you in the work of expanding, segmenting, and streamlining all of your subscription lists so that you can specify groups established on a series of demographic, behavior, and lifecycle qualifications.

Creating & Focusing Campaigns - In an extremely competitive area such as the bar & nightclub scene, your venue must market itself with the highest possible efficiency. Benchmark Email offers services of such elevated and advanced flexibility, capability, and consistency that any form or extent of online marketing is currently within your reach.

Delivery Assurance - Over the years it has been in business, Benchmark Email has advanced successful relationships with all the leading Internet Service Providers in order to ensure that the delivery rate achieved is equal to or better than any other ESP. The base of this reciprocity is Benchmark Email’s steadfast commitment to exceedingly strict compliance to email marketing best practices as well as the implementation of extensive anti-spam precautions.

Expertise & Technology - The engineering of Benchmark Email’s computerized infrastructure is secure and at the head of the pack, facilitating control over each phase of the delivery of your email campaign. This computer hardware and software technological mastery warrants that any type of email from HTML to video to plain ASCII text will be securely and swiftly delivered to your customer's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's exhaustive email tracking reports proffer an easily comprehensible graphic illustration of all your email campaign's results. Each data grouping is also explained in simple language without resorting to technical jargon. You’ll be able to grasp exactly how your campaign is performing with a very swift review.

High Volume Plans - Every type of bar & nightclub business gets our most successful and advanced services and features. Should your venue require over 100,000 emails per month, our heavy volume plans offer a heightened delivery performance precisely suited to your high email sends.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark’s advanced polling and surveying tools allow you to target your whole campaign according to the needs of your prospects and customers. By developing a customized range of client participation forms, your venue’s promotional goals can be fulfilled with tact and precision.

Social Media Tools - It is the habitual custom of many bar & nightclub businesses to collect email addresses directly from the client at the venue or at a number of other events or locations. Unfortunately, many managers are not taking full advantage of their social media strategies for subscription list compilation to the largest extent possible. Benchmark Email can provide consistent social network integration on leading sites such as Twitter and Facebook to ensure that your marketing message will be shared and “Liked” among the social cliques and circles of your subscription clients.

Templates - Benchmark Email is able to offer hundreds of very specialized HTML email templates that are quickly customizable to accurately reflect any nightclub venue’s marketing needs. The programming and graphics professionals at Benchmark Email can reconfigure any of these templates to ensure a precise fit, and even concoct a customized template for your unique use if you desire.