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Campaign Metrics

Email Marketing for Bars & Nightclubs

Bar & Nightclub Email Marketing Statistics
This compendium of statistical data was derived from studies and surveys recently published by leading industry research sources. This data was combined and cross-referenced with the answers received as a result of the direct querying of bar & nightclub owners and managers.
Bar & Nightclub Venues that Engage in Email Marketing
All of the statistical data shown following this graphic is garnered from bar & nightclub businesses throughout North America that replied about their status of email marketing campaigns. The percentage that currently engages in email marketing campaigns is a remarkably tiny 11%. However, it seems that a considerable percentage (24%) of bar & nightclub venue owners and managers realize a pressing need to launch their own email campaigns in the near future. The nature of the bar & nightclub business can be held responsible for the high percentage of venues that are not involved in email marketing campaigns and have no clear plans to launch any in the foreseeable future: Many bar & nightclub venues are small and independent, therefore the owners and managers may believe that they are not technologically equipped or have yet to reach the volume of customers that justifies the implementation of an email marketing campaign. It is probable that these owners and managers are simply unaware of the incomparable advantages that email marketing campaigns can supply.
Bar & Nightclub Sending Frequency
46% of all bar & nightclub email newsletters and other related periodic content are issued on a monthly frequency. At nearly half of the total, this reflects the greatest proportion of email sends, with a frequency greater than monthly reported as a reasonable one third (33%) and longer frequencies taking up a total of 21%: 9% for every two months, 7% for quarterly frequencies, and 5% for seasonal or yearly sends.
Bar & Nightclub Content Type
The type of email newsletter content that is set up to blend both informational aspects as well as the proposal of sales or different forms of discount coupons or vouchers accounted for nearly seven out of every ten (69%) bar & nightclub venue emails. Informational only emails were responsible for just a bare minimum of 4% of all newsletters. Emails that were essentially bereft of informational content and directly focused on sales and discount coupons accounted for nearly three out of ten at 27%.
How Bar & Nightclub Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
Bar & nightclub venues seem to have a much leaner proportion of current customers on their email subscription lists when compared to industry averages. Only about one out of five (19%) of subscribers are patrons who have visited the venue, with fully 23% being subscribers enrolled through a series of promotions. The web was the strongest source and responsible for 41% of the subscriber entries, 5% were leads that were purchased or otherwise supplied, and various public events accounted for 12%.
Typical Bar & Nightclub Email Subscriber List Size
The nature of the bar & nightclub business is one that is primarily small, local, and fully independent. Although there are some venues that are extremely sizeable and can accommodate over a thousand patrons, there does not seem to be much penetration in the North American bar & nightclub business for franchise chain operations. The generally compact aspect of North American bars & nightclubs is clearly evident in the analysis of subscriber list size. Well over three out of every five (63%) of all lists have less than 500 entries, with the balance of 37% being considerably larger lists: 500-1,000 is 14%; 1,000-3,000 is 6%; 3,000-5,000 is 5%; and 12% are over 5,000, which indicates that this level is achieved by the larger venues that constitute only a small percentage of the total.
Bar & Nightclub List Segments
The value of segmentation seems to not be understood by nearly nine out of every ten bar & nightclub venue owners and managers. Only 13% actually obtain the marketing benefits of segmentation of their subscriber lists while an extremely elevated proportion of 87% email identical content to all of their subscribers.