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The Current Scene

Email Marketing for Bars & Nightclubs

Although 24% of all bar & nightclub venues state they will be launching a campaign of online marketing in the future, a scant 11% of them are currently promoting their bar or nightclub via email marketing. A surprisingly large proportion consisting of 89% does not engage in email marketing at all at the present time and the greatest surprise is that 65% claim that they have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

The experienced and professional owners and managers of bars & nightclubs who have the ability to successfully implement a coherent email marketing campaign realize that in most cases it is their single best promotional vector. They have made the determination that one of their primary priorities is the job of collecting as many email addresses as can be derived. They are also aware that each email address must be collected with clear and indisputable permission to be placed on the subscription list. This email address collection process is usually achieved through these various methods:

At the venue
At concerts
At community events
At racing events
At sports events
By sponsoring little league and other local teams
Via their website signup page
From collaborative local businesses such as liquor stores and party stores

Many participating bar & nightclub venues are currently in the process of realizing that truly effective email and social network marketing is not a one-to-the-world broadcast as the conventional communications formats of newspaper, radio, and television advertising. Email marketing must take the shape of a very casually structured one-on-one chat in order to engage the customer for maximum efficiency and optimal results.

The 11% of bar & nightclub venues that are currently involved in email marketing are in the process of gaining a powerful advantage in their communities through their access to an entirely separate group of prospects than competitors still relying on the traditional standbys of newspaper, radio, and flyers. Email and social network marketing is where the bar & nightclub promotional market is heading, and it is an approach that merits thoughtful consideration by the owner or manager of both local and cosmopolitan venues.