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Email Marketing for Bars & Nightclubs

Benchmark as Your Venue's Email Marketing Solution
You can have your bar or nightclub business benefit from a collaboration with the trusted industry pros at Benchmark Email to efficiently and cost-effectively reach out to your venue’s customers. Benchmark Email is widely acknowledged as one of the most professional email service providers (ESPs) in the country: counted upon by well over 73,000 satisfied individuals and companies. Based on a solid foundation of many years of professional accomplishment in adhering to the online marketing requirements of bar & nightclub businesses, Benchmark Email is proposing a comprehensive and complete Bar & Nightclub Email Marketing Solution that is able to ensure that your properly integrated email & social media marketing efforts are wholly achieved.

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most significant highlight metrics of any email promotional process. Benchmark Email's award-winning software features incorporate a simple, straightforward online interface with the most advanced email promotional and social media characteristics to maximize ROI. The sum of these sector specific facilities can act to boost your business at a surprisingly affordable price. Engage your customers through Benchmark Email's state of the art solution and realize the true value of what email marketing can be!
Select to Have Benchmark Email's Top Marketing Pros Do the Task for You
The savvy bar or nightclub manager or owner must understand when it is best to subcontract work to professional, knowledgeable, and trusted staff. In a similar mode, you might prefer to consider the adoption of an autopilot approach to your email promotional campaigns via the delegation of the task to the masterful online marketing experts at Benchmark Email. Your business can witness positive and lucrative results by participating in the We Do It for You Full Service Email Marketing offer, where the expert professionals at Benchmark Email carry out the functions of your own personal email communications staff. To obtain these technologically refined capabilities, all you have to do is send in your current subscription list along with a definition of the prime elements you wish to promote in your email campaign, and the professional Benchmark Email experts will launch your campaign quickly and successfully.

The email and social network marketing pros at Benchmark Email will harness the most powerful procedures available in order to successfully meet or even exceed your stated goals. They will offer custom-tailored templates that incorporate relevant and exciting graphics and integrate the capability to be accurately shown on the biggest PC monitor to the smallest portable device screen. You will be able to easily comprehend Benchmark Email's Real Time Email Reports that present you with a simple, straightforward method to get a complete perspective of all the most relevant historical and current email marketing performance metrics. These metrics can lead you to an effective determination of how your online email campaign is advancing at each and every step in the process. Your email and social media concierges will make sure that your company is clearly highlighted on the most frequented social networks by exercising a wide range of facilitations and placements including posting your latest email message links on your bar or nightclub's Twitter account!

Benchmark Email's capable promotional and communications professionals will direct every step of up to two totally separate email marketing and promotional campaigns on your behalf. If you desire to administer additional campaigns running concurrently, these are available to you at a very low surcharge. The considerable spectrum of their possibilities covers every phase of your email campaign, including segmenting and refining your subscription list to your precise specifications; implementing auto-respond routines to supply instant replies to your clients 24 hours a day; and via the establishment of customer feedback channels, they can compile a complete customer survey as well as compose and define customized polls that will supply you with the prospect information you require to accurately target your promotional bar or nightclub campaign.