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Prompting Response through Engagement

How to Get Better User Feedback

When combing the web to school yourself on the fine aspects of email marketing, you will find much regarding how to attract new subscribers and build your list but not nearly enough on how to keep those users interested and engaged once you get them. These are goals your polls and surveys can strive to achieve.

The game of engagement is ongoing, but here are some things you can do to keep users in tune with your content:

Deploy Timely Promotions - Email marketing is suited to support promotions of all sorts. However, whether it is holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions that hold special meaning, the timeliness of your promotions is crucial. You can use predefined triggers and scheduled autoresponders to keep your campaigns flowing in a timely manner.
Send Out Invitations - Email invitations are great for engaging subscribers and getting them to take specific actions. What type of events can your company organize to generate relevant traffic? If the answer is none, leveraging this concept to invite your audience to a huge sale promising irresistible savings can be just as effective.
Get Your Networking On - Engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships can help you make an impact beyond the inbox. Would partners be willing to advertise your products? Are you doing all you can to promote services for your affiliate partners? Harness the power of networking and use it to grow stronger together.