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Cleaning House Lists

Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists

List Hygiene Made Easy and Effective
As an email marketer, you probably have more than enough on your plate.  And even though it is extremely important, it is understandable to put off cleaning your list in favor of other essential tasks. With Benchmark Email’s advanced, easy to use Clean List Feature, you can make sure your list is in tip-top shape by removing the dead weight, and free up the time needed to focus on the core objectives of your business.

Unlike other tools that are both overly complex and inefficient, the Benchmark Email Clean List Feature is highly effective with a degree of user-friendliness that makes scrubbing your mailing list a hassle-free task. To get started, simply sign into your account and click on the “Lists” tab .  Next, click the magnifying glass to view the list you want to clean, and select “Clean List” from the “Contact List” option at the top right of the screen.

Benchmark Email software allows you to easily remove hard and soft bounces, unsubscribes, and subscribers who have not opened your messages in the last "X" number of campaigns. You can make sure your list is as clean as a whistle while saving precious time and money in the process.
The Simple Things are the Most Important
If you maintain a list of contacts, then making the ongoing effort to maintain the health of that list is a necessity. Everything from purchasing names to failing to address bounces threatens its quality. Give your list the attention it deserves, and it will reward you with satisfying results time and again.