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Email Marketing in the Industry

Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering Industry Discussion
The construction industry is divided between contractors who cater primarily to local homeowners and provide various structural services and large-scale contractors who specialize exclusively in commercial projects. Email and social media approaches for each faction can be defined by the profile of their primary customers. Contractors who primarily target their local communities for generalized work must appeal to the general public: They are B2C email marketers. Larger contractors with a focus on commercial, industrial, institutional and retail building services are B2B email marketers. Some specialty contractors fall into either B2B or B2C categories, depending on the scale of the contractor's activities:
Construction B2B
Administration and Preconstruction
Conveying Systems
Doors and Windows
Finishes & Coverings
General Contractors
Home Improvement
Industry Information
Materials and Supplies
Special Construction
Specialty Components
Temporary Facilities and Equipment
Thermal and Moisture Protection
Wood and Plastics
Construction B2C
Automation Systems
Building Materials and Equipment
Ceramics and Tile
Chimney Builders and Repairers
Concrete, Cement and Paving
Contractor Equipment and Services
Design and Architecture
Electrical Products and Services
Floors, Ceilings and Roofs
Foundations and Piling
Hardware Supplies and Services
Heavy Construction and Equipment
Inspectors and Surveyors
Painting and Plastering
Plumbing and Piping

The engineering sector is exceptionally broad. Aerospace engineers, also known as aeronautical engineers, are in the business of analyzing, designing, simulating, modeling and testing objects intended to move through air, gases or liquids. While some aerospace engineers focus on commercial airliners or spacecrafts, others may be focused on designing an optimal golf ball, bullet or even a kite. Biomedical engineers develop products and procedures to address medical and health-related conditions by combining biology and medicine with engineering principles and procedures to advance human health and wellness. Even fields like computer engineering contain wide variety: Computer hardware engineers research, develop, design, test and direct the manufacturing and installation of computer hardware - such as chips, circuit boards, entire systems and related equipment - while computer software engineers (also known as programmers) apply the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to develop, test and evaluate software applications and systems. From geological and geophysical engineers to nuclear engineers, every professional in the field must apply basic tenets of science and mathematic principles to progress. Unlike contractors split between B2C and B2B in their online marketing approaches, engineering firms tend to be exclusively B2B focused. These forms of engineering include:

Ceramic and Materials
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Geological & Geophysical
Health and Safety
Mining and Resources

Due to the range of business units, the application strategies for email and social media marketing campaigns vary between organizations. Some multi-national operations commit massive resources to their online marketing communications budgets, while some smaller and local contractors or cottage industry engineering firms may not yet engage in email and social networking marketing at all. This factor is evidenced by the analysis of email newsletter subscription list sizes, which vary from just a few hundred in the case of the strictly local operators to the hundreds of thousands or millions for some international construction and engineering corporations.

Some construction and engineering businesses concentrate almost exclusively on B2B approaches, which have been proven to be just as functional for email marketing as any of the B2C forms. Twitter is used more regularly, and with the potential for corporate group utilization of Google+ in conjunction with Google Docs Suite, social networking may cease to be an exclusive consumer tool and assert itself as a standard business practice platform. Construction and engineering businesses face compelling reasons to adopt the cost efficiencies and proven marketing power of online promotions whether their customer profile is B2B or B2C.