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Email Marketing Statistics

Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering Business Email Marketing Statistics
This statistical guide is based on recently published surveys and research from construction and engineering industry leaders. Data was obtained by interviewing construction and engineering business owners and managers across the United States and Canada.
Construction & Engineering Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
Fifty-two percent of all construction and engineering businesses are reported to be currently engaging their clientele through email marketing. Twenty-eight percent of companies who reported to not currently utilize email marketing stated an intention to do so in the future; the remaining 20 percent of the surveyed reported no intention to participate in email marketing.
Construction & Engineering Business Sending Frequency
Fifty-six percent of construction and engineering marketing managers and business owners stated they send out email newsletters on a monthly basis, while 37 percent opt for a greater than once per month frequency. The figures are as follows:
37 percent send newsletters more often than monthly
56 percent send monthly newsletters
3 percent send newsletters every two months
2 percent send quarterly newsletters
5 percent send newsletters on a less than annual basis
Construction & Engineering Business Content Type

In construction and engineering, only 18 percent of all emailed newsletters were primarily or exclusively informational in nature, while approaches that either blended sales with information or contained sales content alone accounted for the remaining 82 percent. The content type figures are as follows:

18 percent exclusively informational
35 percent Informational and sales inclusive
47 percent exclusively sales

This data conveys that construction and engineering businesses rely on email marketing for primarily sales-oriented results.

How Construction & Engineering Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers

The majority of subscriber sources – 77 percent – can be attributed to current clients, while 6 percent come from promotional result subscribers; 12 percent are Web derived subscribers; 2 percent are purchased and supplied leads; and 3 percent result from public promotional events. More than three of four subscribers are current clientele, demonstrating that construction and engineering business managers and proprieters have room to grow subscriber lists from untapped sources. At the time of the survey, only 11 percent of all construction and engineering subscribers originated from online promotions.

Typical Construction & Engineering Business Email Subscriber List Size

Construction and engineering businesses' list size is small compared with other major industries. The list size figures are as follows:

0 to 500 email addresseses: 18 percent
500 to 1,000 email addresses: 52 percent
1,000 to 3,000 email addresses: 9 percent
3,000 to 5,000 email addresses: 11 percent
More than 5,000 email addresses: 10 percent
Construction & Engineering Business List Segments

Segmentation data in the construction and engineering business sector shows great opportunity for growth. Only 10 percent of all owners and managers segment their lists, while 90 percent do not and miss out on the advantages in their email marketing campaigns.