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Email Software Features

Construction & Engineering

Industry Standard Features
Whether you select Benchmark Email's Do It Yourself or the We Do It for You service package, your construction and engineering company can benefit from the following tools:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Benchmark Email can manage your online communications and set up messaging to be sent at any time of your choosing. By implementating sophisticated autoresponding technologies, Benchmark Email allows you to create countdown timers for any particular time or day, including renewal date, an anniversary or your customer's birthday.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email provides a technologically advanced video process that allows your content to run for any duration of time, enhancing the promotion of your construction and engineering business' offers, activities, services, discounts and new or recently modified products while keeping multimedia file sizes small.

Contact List Management - Benchmark Email offers technologies that can facilitate the perspective of your overall contact list, allowing for segmentation processes to create accurately targeted customer categories based on demographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics.

Creating & Focusing Campaigns - In an extremely competitive area such as construction and engineering your company must market itself with the highest efficiency. Benchmark Email offers services of such advanced capability, flexibility and consistency that any type of email marketing campaign is now well within your reach.

Delivery Assurance - Benchmark Email has worked with major ISPs for years to provide an unparalleled delivery rate for its 73,000 satisfied clients. Your construction and engineering business will benefit from Benchmark Email's reliable delivery assurances and unwavering commitment to best practices in the email service provision industry, as well as the application of exhaustive anti-spam features.

Expertise & Technology - The technical infrastructure engineered and managed by Benchmark Email is unsurpassed and allows for any form of email - including plain text, HTML and video - to be promptly delivered to your customer's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email provides wide-ranging email tracking reports that feature easy to understand graphics and analyses so that comprehensive statistics can be grasped at a glance.

High Volume Plans - If your construction and engineering business subscription list exceeds 100,000 email addresses, Benchmark Email can develop a series of sophisticated delivery systems to make your large scale sending tasks fast and easy.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark Email can apply a range of sophisticated polling and surveying methodologies in order to provide a custom set of subscriber participation forms. These state of the art, expertly designed forms allow your construction and engineering business to precisely target segmentation procedures according to personal data provided by your subscribers.

Social Media Tools - Benchmark Email can act as an advocate for your overall online communication strategies through primary social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook, generating more "Shares" and "Likes" for your business.

Templates - The experienced and top notch engineering, programming, content, graphics and marketing experts at Benchmark Email can offer you hundreds of HTML email templates designed to integrate any form of graphic or video. If you have particular needs in your construction and engineering business, the experts at Benchmark Email can create the perfect email template for your exclusive utilization.