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Email Campaign Statistics

Email Marketing for Consultants

Consultation Email Marketing Statistics
This collection of statistical data was derived from a wide variety of studies and surveys published by leading industry research sources. The data was combined with the answers received from the direct querying of consultation business owners and managers.
Consultants Engaging In Email Marketing
The subsequent statistics are derived from responding consultants currently engaged in email marketing campaigns for both informational and sales solicitation purposes. This group constitutes the majority percentage of 81 percent, one of the highest engagement rates of any industry. This statistic speaks to fact that a majority of consultants hold email marketing as a cornerstone of their promotional programs. Only 11 percent stated they are not engaged in email marketing at all; eight percent state they plan to engage in email campaigns in the future.
Consultants' Sending Frequency
The monthly frequency of email sends is a total of 40 percent. Interestingly, the greater than monthly frequency indicating weekly, bi-weekly or alternative short periods between sends is the highest proportion, at 57 percent. The total number of consultants engaged in email newsletter sends less frequent than monthly is only three percent, made up of one percent who send every two months, one percent who send quarterly and one percent who send seasonally or annually.
Consultants' Content Type
Fifty-six percent of all email marketing communication sent by consultants was termed to be informational only, with just four percent exclusively targeted to sales purposes. Two of every five consultants reported their email marketing contained elements of both.
How Consultants Obtain Email Subscribers
Many different types of consultants are represented in this statistical summary. Of the represented, the results show that current clients make up 48 percent of the total subscriber list; Web-derived subscribers make up 27 percent; promotional result subscribers make up 13 percent; and public promotional events subscribers make up 11 percent. Purchased and supplied leads make up one percent.
Typical Consultants' Email Subscriber List Size
Sixteen percent of all consultants stated that they had more than 5,000 individuals on their subscription lists. Twenty-two percent reported 3,000 to 5000 email addresses; 41 percent had 1,000 to 3,000; 13 percent claimed 500 to 1,000; and only eight percent reported fewer than 500 list entries.
Consultants' List Segments
Even though the number of consultants segmenting subscriber lists is higher than in other industries, two out of every five consulting business directors and managers stated they still adhere to the practice of sending singular content sets to all subscribers.