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Online Marketing Goals

Email Marketing for Consultants

Consulting Email Marketing Goals
Your association or organization may be involved in providing paid membership services or may be an advocacy entity that derives some operating budget from fundraising efforts. In either case, your email based online outreach communications program needs to be implemented precisely and strategically to ensure maximum efficiency and success to achieve your goals.

Short Term Goals
A properly implemented and executed email outreach strategy can provide immediate short-term benefits to any consulting association or organization:

Immediate fundraising impetus
Increased membership
Improved interaction with current members
Greater visibility to both online and major media
Communication of positions on various advocacy topics
Motivation of group actions

Long Term Goals
Email campaigns are effective in assisting consultants in reaching their long-term objectives:

Widespread member and supporter loyalty
Media and public authoritative presence
Recognition as a top tier advocate
Overall growth and expansion
Solicitation of collaborative agreements with other entities
Governmental action and legislation based on your advocacy
Attracting higher level financial supporters
Establishing permanent fundraising levels