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A Fresh Start

Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing

This report, Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing, was commissioned to analyze the present state of email marketing for the benefit of the various dental & orthodontic business owners and managers in order to refine the company’s online promotional strategy. The conclusions of this report should be able to assist the directors of these marketing efforts to improve their promotional approaches in the following ways:

Understanding how to conceptualize and execute an email marketing campaign that will attract a new patient base, while at the same time maintaining the fealty of the existing base.
Gaining an overview of the significant challenges that come with maintaining a strict adherence to the vast volume of both legislative and self-regulatory standards of the dental & orthodontic industry.
Identifying and analyzing the most relevant statistics regarding the effective strategies applied by dentistries around the country.
The data contained in this report was correlated from a series of statistical studies that were recently published in the industry literature. These surveys sampled the managers and owners of dental & orthodontic businesses around the United States and Canada and ranged from the smallest to the largest operations. The data retrieved by this effort may be found within the Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing Survey section.

The salient goal of this report is to present a series of questions that any dentist should be asking of his or her current promotional methods, and to direct the reader to an overview of potential strategies that could be employed to boost efficiencies and derive solid bottom line results. Through the analysis of the current best practices in email marketing among dental & orthodontic businesses (referred to collectively as dentistries), the goal of this report is to present a thorough analysis of the performance of these varied approaches to email marketing within this industry and provide logical and achievable solutions.