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Benchmark Features

Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing

Sector Standard Features
Whether you opt for Benchmark Email's Do It Yourself or the We Do It for You service, your dental or orthodontic business can derive benefits from these advanced features:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your email communications can be scheduled at any time you desire in the future, at whatever day and date are best suited to your subscribers. By utilizing sophisticated autoresponders (also known as drip campaigns), Benchmark Email allows you to schedule a series of countdown timers. These timers can correlate with specific events such as the date of the initial subscription, renewal dates, your patient’s birthday, or any other anniversary date.

Complete Video Integration - Benchmark Email provides an exclusive video email process that allows video dealing with your dental business’ most promotable events, innovations, discounts, or other informational content to be successfully delivered to your subscribers while minimizing file sizes.

Contact List Management - As the volume of your subscriber base continues to burgeon, it becomes a far more convoluted task to keep each entry up to date and verified. Benchmark Email’s list management facilities assist you in the tasks of segmenting, streamlining, and rationalizing all of your subscriber lists so that you can identify groupings based on sequences of behavior, gender, and age specifications.

Delivery Assurance - Over the years, Benchmark Email has consummated highly successful relationships with all the major ISPs in order to ensure that our email delivery rate ranks among the highest in the business. The foundation of this success is Benchmark Email’s dedicated commitment and strict adherence to email marketing best practices and integration of exhaustive anti-spam features.

Expertise & Technology - The sophistication of Benchmark Email’s technical infrastructure is also unsurpassed, allowing for the application of total control over every step of the transmission of your email campaign. This technological command ensures that any form of email from video to HTML to plain text will be professionally and promptly delivered to your recipient's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's extensive email tracking reports are realized in readily comprehensible graphic illustrations of all your campaign's results. Each statistical grouping is also defined in basic language without relying on complex industry jargon. You’ll be able to comprehend precisely how your campaign is performing by a very basic review, plus use the Opens by Location feature to visualize exactly where your emails are being opened.

High Volume Plans - Every size of dental or orthodontic business obtains our most advanced and efficient features and services. Whether your venture requires 100,000 or 1,000,000 emails per month, our high volume plans offer an array of performance capacities directly suited to your elevated traffic sends.

Polls & Surveys - These extremely pliant tools allow you to aim your entire campaign according to the preferences of your customers and dental prospects. By creating a custom range of customer participation forms, your business’ marketing goals can be achieved with precision and accuracy.

Social Media Tools - It is the habit of a number of dentistries to collect email addresses directly from the customer in the business facility or at various other locations or events. Regrettably, many dentistries are not leveraging their social media approaches specifically to the task of building their subscription lists. Benchmark Email can provide comprehensive social network integration on major, leading sites such as Facebook and Twitter to assure that your marketing message will be shared and “Liked” extensively among the social cliques and circles of your subscription prospects.

Templates - Benchmark Email is in a position to propose hundreds of highly specialized email templates: all swiftly customizable to precisely conform to any dental business’ marketing requirements. The programming and graphic arts experts at Benchmark Email can manipulate any of these templates to suit your precise requirements and even design a fully customized template that can be reserved for your exclusive use.