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Evolving Trends

Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing


Dentistries have been slower to adopt the benefits of email marketing than what is the norm across all industries. Only 20% of these companies’ directors are currently promoting their businesses through email marketing, though 37% of all dental businesses state that they intend to start using online email marketing in the near future. A total of 80% do not market their businesses via email at the current time and, in a surprising discovery, fully 43% state that they do not have any future plans to engage in email marketing.

The experienced, professional owners and managers of dental companies who are able to successfully implement a comprehensive email marketing campaign discover that in many cases this becomes their promotional method of choice. Having determined that a primary priority is collecting as many email addresses as possible, these managers ensure that clear permission is universally obtained before a subscriber is added to a contact list.

The collection of email addresses is usually accomplished through these separate methods:

At the dental office
At healthcare events
At concert events
At sports events
Through parades and other municipal social events
By sponsoring little league and other local teams
Via their website signup page
From collaborative local businesses such as medical and walk-in clinics
Word of mouth
Email-only promotional sales
Many of the participating dental business owners are realizing that engaging in an encompassing email and social media marketing process does not equate to a one-to-many broadcast form of communication. The broadcast model that was the basis of the conventional forms of newspaper, radio, and television advertising has been left behind in the online age. In order to engage the customer, these innovative and direct online forms of promotion must take the form of a one-on-one, loosely structured and precisely personal conversation with your patients and prospects.

Experts agree that email and social media marketing have steered the market direction with a promotional approach that deserves serious consideration by the dental industry. It is indisputable that the relatively small proportion of dental & orthodontic businesses actively involved in email marketing is obtaining significant competitive advantages via the access to a separate and unique collection of patients.