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Email Marketing for Educator

Industry Standard Features
Whether you opt to use Benchmark Email's Do It Yourself or the We Do It for You service, your education facility will fully benefit from these admirable features:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your communications can be set to be delivered at any time you state, whatever the date and time of day preferred for your subscribers. By using advanced autoresponder processes, Benchmark Email empowers you with the capability to predetermine a series of countdown timers. These timers can coincide with specific events such as the date of the first subscription, renewal dates, the customer's birthday, or any other anniversary.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email provides a special video email process which facilitates video productions of any length relevant to your education institution's newest innovations, events, promotions, news items, or other informational content to be readily delivered to your subscriber base while minimizing file sizes.

Contact List Management - As the overall volume of your subscriber base on your list increases, it develops into a complex chore to maintain every entry up to date and accurate. Benchmark Email's contact list management tools help you with streamlining, rationalizing, and correlating all of your subscriber lists so that you can scrutinize groupings founded on a series of gender, age, and psychographic qualifications.

Creating & Focusing Campaigns - In a competitive sector like education, your institute must promote itself with the highest efficiencies. Benchmark Email provides services of such competent and coherent consistency, expertise and suitability, so that any variety of email marketing campaign is now within your grasp.

Delivery Assurance - Over the years, Benchmark Email has pursued the goal of maintaining reciprocally respectful relationships with all the major international ISPs to ensure top delivery rates. The foundation of this reciprocal arrangement is Benchmark Email's dedication to the strictest compliance possible to email marketing best practices and unwavering implementation of meticulous anti-spam precautions.

Expertise & Technology - The sophistication level of Benchmark Email's server side infrastructure is beyond reproach, streamlining control over every aspect of the delivery of your email campaign. This technological mastery warrants that any mode of email from video to HTML to plain text will be properly and quickly delivered to your subscriber's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's comprehensive email tracking reports supply an easy to comprehend graphic illustration of all your campaign's results. Each statistical grouping is also described in simple English without resorting to indecipherable and convoluted email industry jargon. You'll be able to comprehend exactly how your marketing campaign is performing via a very quick review.

High Volume Plans - Every size of Education facility receives our most efficient and effective services and features. Should you require over 100,000 emails per month, our elevated volume plans offer a selection of performance capacities suited to your extreme email sends.

Polls & Surveys - These truly exceptional tools allow you to focus your promotional campaign according to the responses of your prospects and subscribers. By nurturing a custom-fitted range of subscriber participation forms, your education institution's email goals can be reached with accuracy and success.

Social Media Tools - It is the custom of a number of education marketing managers and directors to collect email addresses face to face directly from the participant in the education facility or at a number of other events or locations. Regrettably, some education entity managers and directors are not taking advantage of their social media strategy for subscription list building to the maximal extent possible. Benchmark Email can provide total social network integration on leading sites like Facebook and Twitter to ensure that your marketing & promotional message will be "Liked" and shared among the social spheres and aggregations throughout your subscription base.

Templates - Benchmark Email prides itself on offering hundreds of specially designed email templates quickly customizable for any education facility's marketing requirements. The graphic artists and programming professionals at Benchmark Email can modify any of these templates to warrant a perfect fit, and even propose a customized template for your sole utilization.