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Strategic Goals

Email Marketing for Educators

Education Email Marketing Goals
Each type of educational institution has a specific set of priorities and goals to accomplish by engaging prospects in a campaign of email and social media outreach. Government funded schools are less concerned with direct fundraising from the community for the majority of revenue and so can specialize their email and social media campaigns by promoting both curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as communicating newsy items of interest about that particular institution. Some education facilities that fall into this category include: adult high school, campus university, charter school, collegiate institute, collegiate university, college, community college, continuation high school, elementary school, foundation school, graduate school, grammar school, high school, institute of technology, law school, medical school, primary school, secondary school, sixth form college, summer school, and vocational technical school.

Additionally, other education institutes are supported through the auspices of a specific faith-based or secular private organization. These facilities include: beacon school, boarding school, cathedral school, catholic school, charity school, church school, co-institutional school, combined school, common school, community school, comprehensive school, direct grant grammar school, escalator school, finishing school, forest schools, grant-maintained school, hedge school, infant school, integral education, junior school, laboratory school, leading edge school, lower school, lyceum, magnet school, middle school, minor seminary, monastic school, nursery school, parochial school, private school, reform school, secondary modern school, seminary, state school, training ship, university, Waldorf education, and year-round school.

Education facilities can also fall almost outside of the public sector and completely within the private sector, where they are - for all intents and purposes - private commercial companies. These facilities include: agricultural education, alternative school, art school, dance studio, day care, faith school, film school, folk high school, home school, independent school, mechanic institutes, and sports school.

Each of these institutions has a different take on what they are seeking from email and social media marketing activities. Some may be seeking exclusively to market their services as a private business and draw students and fees away from competitors to their own operations. Others may be raising funds for a variety of activities their conventional funding sources do not cover. Yet others may be seeking to simply provide information and education to a broad group of prospects without direct concern for financial gain.

All of these facilities, however, can benefit from email and social media marketing. The first step is the separation between short and long term goals, followed by the results that may be obtained from each differing level of temporal commitment.
Short Term Goals
A professionally executed comprehensive email marketing campaign that is engineered to meet the requirements of your specific education facility can be expected to produce these types of results over a very short term:

Encourage registration, admissions, participation & sponsorship
Extend online presence & authority
Facility recognition
Increase community confidence
Increase parent, student & community knowledge of programs available
Parent, student & community response and participation
Word of mouth
Long Term Goals
Over the longer term, education institutes can expect that a truly professional, well-devised email marketing campaign will produce:

Community interest & stature
Facility loyalty
Gaining competitive advantage over similar institutes
Increased cooperation from suppliers & related businesses
Media attention
Online authority translating to local sector leadership
Year on year increase in registration, participation, fundraising & sponsorship goals