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Your Email Campaign Solution

Email Marketing for Educators

Benchmark as Your Education Business' Email Marketing Solution
Reinvigorate Your Email Campaign Strategy Quickly & Easily
To efficiently and affordably reach your sales prospects, you can team up your education business with the renowned email service provision experts at Benchmark Email, trusted by more than 73,000 loyal users. Benchmark Email is now offering a comprehensive and fully proprietary Education Email Marketing Solution based on years of experience in catering to the needs of education institutions like yours. Benchmark's experience will ensure that your profoundly integrated email and social media promotions are well engineered and fully implemented. Return On Investment is a fundamental metric of any email marketing campaign, and the capabilities inherent in Benchmark Email's DIY online solution for education institutions blends an easy to use interface you can access from any web browser on a PC or mobile device with the most extensive email marketing and social networking features available in the nation. All of these education sector-standard capabilities can benefit your education institute at an affordable price.

Or Let Benchmark Email's Top Marketing Experts Do the Job for You
Have the wisdom to know when to delegate work to skilled, capable, and trusted personnel: Consider adopting an outsource approach to your email marketing and promotional campaigns by delegating the job to the consummate messaging professionals at Benchmark Email. You can take advantage of the comprehensive and powerful We Do It for You Full Service Email Marketing service. The seasoned professionals at Benchmark Email will act as your own personal online communications gatekeepers. To obtain the services of these technically skilled professionals, simply provide your subscription list along with a definition of which salient points you want to promote in your campaign. Benchmark Email will take care of the rest!

The email and social media promotional experts at Benchmark Email will successfully accomplish your campaign goals. They will design custom templates featuring relevant graphics, each of which can be visualized on view screens from the most massive PC monitor to the tiniest mobile device screen. You will easily understand Benchmark Email's Real-Time Email Reports that supply you with a straightforward and vivid appreciation of all the historical and current key performance metrics. This data will allow you to make an effective and accurate determination of how your email campaign is developing at every single step of the way. Your marketing liaisons will warrant that your facility's identity is accurately represented on the popular social networks by implementing a large range of integrations and placements including posting your most recent newsletter links on your business Twitter account.

Benchmark Email's experienced promotional and marketing professionals will manage every step of up to two totally separate email and social network marketing campaigns for your education facility's benefit. If you want to consider additional campaigns at the same time, they can be delivered for nominal charge. The efficient range of their capabilities covers every aspect of your email campaign, including honing and uploading your subscriber list to your exact specifications; enabling auto-respond functions to send literally instantaneous replies to your subscribers continually around the clock; and by implementing subscriber feedback channels, they can compile an all-encompassing prospect survey as well as compile and evolve custom-tailored polls that will provide you with the subscriber insight you should have in order to pinpoint target your marketing and promotional campaign.