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Social Media

Email Marketing Best Practices 2011

The Social Email Marketer
Email marketing’s effectiveness increases greatly when bundled together with other marketing techniques. With social media being all the rage and so flexible, it is arguably the best channel to combine with your email efforts. More brands are coming to realize this, and while few have learned the true secret to success, there are some currently reaping the benefits of social sharing, such as:
Greater reach
Increased awareness
Enhanced communications
Word of mouth marketing
More sales
Social media offers uncapped potential as a marketing tool, yet many businesses have not incorporated this channel into their email marketing strategy. Some are intimidated by the hurdles ahead. For others, time is an issue. Taking the social media plunge can be both challenging and time consuming but it is well worth it. Following are some examples of how you can bring these two channels together for the benefit of your business:
Tweet Your Email Content - If you have must-see content, Twitter is the perfect tool to use to promote it. Whether it is your monthly newsletter or just a solid email, send out a tweet equipped with a link to the web version so others can check it out. This is an easy way to extend your reach and give your content a chance for greater impact.
Add a Sign-up Form on Your Fan Page - The people you connect with on Facebook are the perfect candidates for your mailing list. Why not provide an easy way for them to join you by adding a sign-up form on your fan page? Benchmark Email makes this a convenient process that can be completed in a few simple steps.
Get Email Subscribers to Follow - If you have a social media presence, you should make it known in your email campaigns. Including icons and links invites your subscribers to connect with you on social networks. A study published by GetResponse showed that social media links improve email click-through rates by 30%.
Add Social Sharing Buttons - Sites like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon have shown us that the share button can be a powerful weapon. While these buttons have become commonplace on the web, they can also be added to your email messages. Incorporating social sharing buttons gives readers a convenient way to share your content and resonates beyond the email channel.
Not every brand is suited for a dive in the social web, but combining it with email marketing could be exactly what is needed to accelerate your business. These two channels have proven to be an ideal match, and we have still yet to see what this couple is truly capable of. Getting in on the ground level of this emerging trend could pay off on multiple fronts.