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The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

How To Use This Manual

Welcome to Your Email Marketing Guidebook!
"If email was a country, its 1.4 billion users would make it the largest in the world. Bigger than China, bigger than the populations of the USA and European Union combined." - Email Marketing Reports (2009)

Use Us to Plan Your Success
Hello and welcome to Benchmark Email's Complete Guide to Email Marketing. We have designed this guide to be an easy-to-understand, thorough handbook on the entire email marketing process. And although we sincerely hope that you choose our service, this guide is designed for everyone and anyone as a primer for the overall art of modern Professional email marketing.

We've Designed a Neutral Handbook
This isn’t a sales pitch for our service, but a thorough guidebook on fundamental rules, practices and techniques that every business should know before starting out their first campaigns. Emailmarketing these days is super simple, but it isn't without laws and regulations. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with these concepts will not only help you to be better at it, but it will also minimize your exposure to the very real consequences that your company can suffer when it doesn't play by the rules.

About Links, Blue Information Boxes and Green Discussion Boxes
This manual is a downloadable resource (in pdf form) on our website. In this online HTML guide, links may point you to outside resources, pages within our own site that may elaborate on our features or an FAQ page. Click if you like, but really, you can just safely motor through to the next page as the whole guide is designed to be self contained with all the bases covered as you navigate the online guide. To keep the neutral stance of our manual, you'll find specific Benchmark features safely and discernibly set aside in green boxes.