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Constructing Campaigns

Email Marketing for Energy Suppliers

This report, Energy Supply & Services: Powering Progress via Email Marketing, is an overview of the current condition of email marketing for the use of Energy Supply & Services' promotional directors to refine and focus their online business marketing strategy. Determinations within this guide intend to clarify to members of the Energy sector how to hone their email marketing efforts by applying these tools:

How to construct and implement a social media and email promotional campaign appealling to a new clientele while fostering loyalty among existing customers
Understanding relevant legislation regulating the process of online communications with Energy Supply & Services industry sector customers
Analyzing and interpreting primary statistics about strategies employed by other Energy Supply & Services promotional managers around North America
Activating results-oriented email marketing customized for your Energy Supply & Services business to achieve and sustain the maximum benefit

Online promotional managers of Energy Supply & Services companies across the United States and Canada were surveyed on their marketing practices; the results of these survey statistics are summarized in this report. Content acquired through this compendium can be reviewed in the Energy Supply & Services Email Marketing Survey section. The goal of this guide is to make clear the questions Energy Services marketing managers need to ask themselves in order to gain valuable insight into the current condition of their email and social media promotional campaigns.