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Email Software Features

Email Marketing for Energy Suppliers

Industry Standard Features
Whether you select Benchmark Email's Do It Yourself or the We Do It for You service, your Energy business will gain considerable competitive advantage from the following powerful features:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your email communication is scheduled to be issued at any time and date best suited to your subscribers. By utilizing advanced autoresponder technology, Benchmark Email empowers you to schedule a sequence of countdown timers. These timers can be set to particular events such as the date of the first subscription, renewal dates, your customer's birthday or any other anniversary date you desire.

Comprehensive Video Integration - Benchmark Email offers an exclusive video email facilitation procedure that allows audio-visual productions of any running time to coincide with your Energy business' most promotable innovations, discounts, events, products, services, installations or other informational content. The state of the art multimedia integration assures that any format of image or video can be promptly delivered to your subscribers while minimizing the file size.

Contact List Management - Benchmark's email list management abilities can segment and streamline your subscription lists to facilitate you in precisely targeting your customer categories based on a considerable variety of factors including geographic, behavior and demographic.

Delivery Assurance - Benchmark Email is proud of its long history of collaborative relationships with the major ISPs that control and route much of the internet traffic around the world. Benchmark Email's reliable delivery assurances are based on a commitment to unwaveringly apply the best practices to be found in the email service industry as well as the implementation of extensive anti-spam features to ensure that your Energy business will maintain an absolutely sterling email reputation and avoid the placement of your IP or domain name on any of the ISP blacklists.

Expertise & Technology - Benchmark's technological infrastructure allows for any type or format of email including plain text, HTML and video to be efficiently and swiftly delivered to your customer's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's exhaustive email tracking reports provide a simple, comprehensible graphic display of your campaign's overall performance. Each statistical category is also defined in basic language without falling back on complex industry jargon.

High Volume Plans - If your Energy business' subscription list consists of more than 100,000 email addresses, Benchmark Email can implement a series of advanced technological functions specifically designed to facilitate your sizeable sending volumes.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark Email is famed for the effective methodologies it uses to design a customized variety of client participation poll and survey forms. These forms permit you to make ongoing adjustments to your campaign accurately and swiftly, in accordance with the data supplied by your Energy company's clientele.

Social Media Tools - Benchmark Email can engineer and direct your entire social media strategy by offering comprehensive integration on leading sites such as Twitter and Facebook that will serve to ensure that your marketing messaging will be "Liked" and shared among the largest possible social circles.

Templates - The experienced programming, content, graphics and marketing professionals at Benchmark Email have engineered hundreds of targeted templates to best display your company branding. The talented designers at Benchmark Email can even create a custom tailored template for your exclusive use.