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Email Statistics

Email Marketing for Energy Suppliers

Energy Supply & Services Business Email Marketing Statistics
Our data was analyzed in conjunction with information garnered from the answers from North American Energy Services business owners and managers.
Energy Supply & Services Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
The results of this survey find that the majority of Energy businesses are currently involved in email marketing with an Engage in Email Campaigns response level of 62 percent; 17 percent of the surveyed report they do not participate in email marketing; 21 percent claim they plan to utilitize online marketing in the future. Overall, marketing trends in Energy businesses are revealed to focus on online resources for communication and promotions.
Energy Supply & Services Business Sending Frequency
Energy businesses strongly rely on frequent email newsletter content, employing a Send Frequency of 68 percent overall. Monthly frequencies are reported at 28 percent; bi-monthly, 2 percent, 1 percent quarterly and 1 percent seasonally or yearly. As 96 percent of all Energy businesses engage in at least monthly freqency client communications, and 66 percent report to engage on a more than monthly basis (some as often as twice per week), Energy businesses are keenly aware of the benefits generated by email newsletter and email marketing campaign strategies for effective promotion.
Energy Supply & Services Business Content Type
Content Type for Energy companies is: 20 percent informational only; 53 percent informational plus sales; and 27 percent exclusively sales.
How Energy Supply & Services Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
Subscriber sources for Energy businesses come predominantly from current consumer base: 73 percent is sourced from current clients. Two percent comes from promotional result subscribers, 18 percent from web derived subscribers, and 1 percent from purchased and supplied leads. Finally, 6 percent comes from from public promotional events.
Typical Energy Supply & Services Business Email Subscriber List Size
The list size of Energy businesses is relatively smaller than in other major industries, with a majority 54 percent reporting less than 500 entries in their subscription list. Thirty-two percent claimed 500 to 1,000 entries; only 3 reported having 1,000 to 3,000, and 6 percent claimed 3,000 to 5,000. Five percent reported more than 5,000 subscriber email addresses.
Energy Supply & Services Business List Segments
Just under three 58 percent of Energy business owners and managers claim to not segment their lists at all, while the remaining 42 percent take advantage of the benefits that segmenting the subscription list can offer to any email marketing campaign.