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Email Software

Email Marketing for the Entertainment Industry

Sector Standard Features
With Benchmark Email, your entertainment business will be in position to powerfully benefit from these renowned features:

Advanced Message Scheduling - Your online communications may be scheduled at any time you require, whatever the date and day part preferred by your prospects. By implementing highly advanced auto-responding functions, Benchmark Email allows you to schedule a series of countdown timers. These timers can be set to launch on predetermined particular events such as the date of the initial subscription, renewal dates, the customer's birthday or any other anniversary.

Complete Video Integration - Benchmark Email provides a proprietary video email process that allows video productions of any running time containing your entertainment business' most interesting news, bulletins or signings. Any promotional content can be properly delivered to your client base while keeping file sizes to an absolute minimum.

Contact List Management - As the total number of your customers on your subscription list increases, it develops into a far more complex task to maintain each entry. Benchmark Email's list management service helps you correlate, clean up and expand your subscription lists so you can segment categories based on a sequence of psychographic, lifecycle and demographic qualifications.

Creating & Focusing Campaigns - In a competitive field like entertainment, your company must market itself with the maximum possible efficiency. Benchmark Email provides services of such cutting-edge and evolved suitability, professionalism and flexibility that any category of email marketing campaign is within your reach.

Delivery Assurance - Over the years, Benchmark Email has nourished reciprocal relationships with all the major ISPs in order to certify an industry-leading delivery rate. This reciprocity is founded in Benchmark Email's unwavering commitment to meticulous compliance with email marketing best practices as well as application of effective anti-spam precautions.

Expertise & Technology - You will have control over every aspect of your email marketing campaign. This advanced mastery ensures that any type of email - from video to HTML to plain ASCII text - will be efficiently and rapidly delivered to your client's inbox.

Full Tracking Reports Incorporating Visual Graphs - Benchmark Email's tracking reports give you a quick, comprehensible graphic illustration of all your email marketing campaign results. Each informational grouping is also defined in simple English, without resorting to technical jargon. You'll be able to learn exactly how your marketing campaign is performing at a glance.

High Volume Plans - Every size of entertainment business can benefit from Benchmark Email's powerful services and features. Should your enterprise require over 100,000 emails per month, our excess volume plans offer a bevy of performance feasibilities suited to your heavy-duty email sends.

Polls & Surveys - Benchmark Email's advanced polling and surveying methods represent the best of email service providers in the country. These remarkably flexible tools allow you to focus your email campaigning, all according to the prerequisites set by your entertainment clients. By compiling a customized range of prospect participation forms, your entertainment business' email promotional goals can be completed with efficiency and sensitivity.

Social Media Tools - Though some entertainment company owners and managers collect email addresses directly from the client, an unfortunate number of entertainment executives are not benefiting from social media strategies to growing subscription lists. Benchmark Email can supply comprehensive social network integration on leading sites such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure your marketing and promotional message will be "Liked" and shared among the social groupings and cliques of your subscription clients.

Templates - Benchmark Email offers hundreds of especially designed email templates swiftly customizable to precisely reflect any entertainment business' marketing preferences. The graphics and programming professionals at Benchmark Email can edit any of these templates to guarantee an unbeatable fit, and even create a customized template for your exclusive application.