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Accelerate Your Online Efforts

Event Marketing in the Digital Age

Event marketing is a very effective way to promote a business or organization. Do it right and it can improve your online branding, reach new audiences and build a solid public reputation. On the other hand, actually planning and pulling off a successful event can be a bit of a challenge. A marketer who fails to pay attention to detail could end up with a poor turnout and wasted efforts. The potential for disaster is what keeps some would-be promoters away from the event promotion scene.

Technological innovation has allowed us to take event marketing beyond traditional tactics such as passing out flyers to methods that are more creative and far more effective. From industry conferences and trade shows to webinars and other virtual happenings, we now have the luxury of promoting our gatherings in ways that were not available to the businesses and organizations of yesteryear. The ever evolving digital channel has opened up a world of new possibilities, and the key to success is knowing which areas to work and how to work them.

In this guide you will discover how email can be used in conjunction with other tools and channels to accelerate your event marketing efforts.