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Email Statistics

Email Marketing for Franchises

Franchise Business Email Marketing Statistics
The facts contained within this report were compiled from recent studies, surveys and data about the implementation of email marketing within the franchise sector. Data was combined with quantitative information given by franchise business owners and managers.
Franchise Businesses that Engage in Email Marketing
Less than half of all franchise business owners and managers are currently engaging their customer base through an email marketing newsletter campaign. Twenty-nine percent of franchise business owners and managers intend to implement a campaign in the future, while 27 percent do not intend to engage in email marketing at any time in the future.
Franchise Business Sending Frequency
Sixty-one percent of franchise business owners and managers engage their subscribers on a more often than monthly frequency; 36 percent issue their newsletters monthly. One percent of newsletters are issued every two months and another one percent are issued quarterly; the final one percent are sent on a seasonal or yearly basis.
Franchise Business Content Type
Three out of ten franchise businesses issue email marketing campaigns containing exclusively informational content. An equal number provide only sales related content while just under half of all email newsletter campaigns for the franchise industry contain a mix of informational and sales content.
How Franchise Businesses Obtain Email Subscribers
Subscriber sources for franchise businesses skew toward current customers: 61 percent of all email subscribers are current clients. Thirty-two percent are Web-derived subscribers; five percent result from promotional activities; and two percent come equally from purchased/supplied leads and public promotional events.
Typical Franchise Business Email Subscriber List Size
Seventeen percent of all franchise business owners and managers report less than 500 email addresses on their list; 29 percent claim 500 to 1,000; 24 percent state 1,000 to 3,000; 11 percent have between 3,000 to 5,000; and 19 percent say the total number of subscribers on their email list is over 5,000.
Franchise Business List Segments
Only 26 percent of all franchise business owners and managers report the application of any form of segmentation process and separate their lists by demographic, geographic and behavioral-based categories. Seventy-four percent reported zero segmentation.