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Set Marketing Goals

Email Marketing for Franchises

Your email marketing newsletter campaign must be engineered to appeal to every type of customer (especially in the beginning before you have begun to target or segment your marketing), from casual drive-by clients to dedicated aficionados. It is important to supply the exact type of information each customer category desires so they will turn to your location first.
Short Term Goals
The short-term goals of an email marketing campaign designed by experts to meet the requirements and expectations of your franchise business can be anticipated to produce:

Competitive advantage over local franchisees and competing franchises
Customer participation in additional franchise sales, events and special occurrences
Extension of your local franchise' online presence and authority
New customers
Location loyalty
Location recognition
Same quarter sales
Word of mouth
Long Term Goals
Over the long term, franchise businesses can expect that mounting a fully featured professional email marketing campaign will produce:

Facility loyalty
Expansion of customer base
Gaining local and regional competitive advantage
Higher traffic for a broader range of products and services
Increased cooperation from suppliers and related businesses (transportation, equipment, fixture and supply wholesalers)
Online authority translating to sector market leadership
Year on year sales