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Email Marketing Goals

Home Improvement Marketing

Home Improvement Business Email Marketing Goals
Whether you operate a small town corner hardware store or a massive DIY center that encompasses acres of lumber yard it is evident that your email newsletter must be specifically concocted to ensure a stream of customers to your facility from the homemaker with a leaky sink to the contractor building an entire subdivision. It is necessary to provide the specific type of information to each of your customer groups that educates and entertains them with regards to your home improvement facility as well as ensuring that they think of you first for all their DIY needs.

Short Term Goals
An email marketing campaign compiled by experts to meet the total requirements of your particular home improvement facility, as well as your own direct preferences, can be anticipated to provide these levels of results over the short term:

Competitive advantage
Customer participation in additional DIY classes, events & occurrences
Extend online presence & authority
Find new customers
Location loyalty
Location recognition
Same quarter sales
Word of mouth

Long Term Goals
Over the longer term, home improvement businesses can anticipate that implementing a professionally designed and fully-featured email newsletter campaign will produce:

Contractor appeal via promotion of special services & discounts
Expansion of customer base
Facility loyalty
Gaining local and regional competitive advantage
Higher traffic for a broader range of products and services
Facility loyalty
Online authority translating to sector market leadership
Year on year sales

The positive aspects of an effective, professional email marketing campaign will have wide ranging benefits on every facet of your home improvement business operations. You must be aware that your complete services may not be currently obvious to your prospects in your local region. They may know your location by viewing your signage, but they may not be aware that you are offering the exact cordless drill, engineered lumber, or shower enclosure they can't find anywhere else, or precisely the sort of DIY class they require, scheduled at the time that is most convenient for them. In order for your home improvement email campaign to appeal to the category of customer that is a bull's eye match to the offerings present in your location, careful consideration must be allocated to a number of important factors.